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  1. Hey I just wanted to drop a few kind words. I think what you do is amazing and I keep myself posted on whats going on with the babies :) I’m upset to hear Bert is back and hasnt ofund his forever home :( Id be interested in meeting him, he reminds me of my Chico he’s a rednose pitty whom I love to death who unfortunately my ex did everything in his power not to let me keep him. :(

  2. I think what you do is so important for the animals,I just got a puppy she is 12 weeks old and she is a boxer lab pitbulljust wondering if you had any tips on dog contact me when you get this please.

  3. Just made a donation to support your wonderful work (And you are the only rescue organization that in my experience actually calls references, bravo!) THANK YOU Sophie

  4. For Savy and any other human who has just adopted a puppy, there is a wonderful place in St-Lazare calles Les guides Canins they have all kinds of great classes to help you socialize your puppy and to understand him and his beahviour as well as learn to properly communicate with dogs (body language and not verbal communication). Courses are from puppies under 16 weeks all the way through agility. Courses are a way to mentally stimulate and tire out your puppy. If this is too far, ask your vet about classes. Dr Plasse and Lasalle Vetrinary clinic also offer courses because of the demand from his clients.

    One of the most inspiring experts on canine behaviour is Mathieu Lavallée on Maitre chez soi (canal vie). Even if you’re not much of a TV watcher, his show can be found on the internet with tons of tips, references, etc. Mathieu’s show often features puppies, how to raise them and how to address some of their more challenging behaviours such as barking toilet training, jumping, running away and nervous peeing. He’s funny and so kind, it shows he really loves animals. He refuses to work with a choke collar and often convinces owners by example to stop using them. For a different take, but very interesting too, look for Brad Pattison and Puppy SOS (Slice or Twist channels). He teaches umbilical cord training, great for toilet training and redirecting unwanted behaviours such as chewing, barking etc.

    My last piece of advice from an owner who survived her own dog’s “childhood”, exercise and a consistent routine are THE most important tools. A tired dog and a mentally stimulated dog, has no interest in barking, chewing, or any other number of ways to destroy your home and peace of mind. Use playtime AFTER exercise as a treat not as an alternative to exercise. Backyard outings is PLAY for them, not exercise and you’re dog will be driving you crazy before you know it if he/she is NOT walked.

    Good luck with your puppy! :)

  5. I would like to verify if Raynelle/Alice is still available for adoption. I feel in love with Raynelle and followed her story and was very happy to see she went to a loving home. However, I noticed she was back up for adoption on I’ve checked your website and do not see that Raynelle has been posted as available. So I would like to confirm if she is?

    Warm regards


  6. Bonjour,

    j’ai une belle husky très gentille de presque 2 ans dont je dois me départir. Quelqu’un m’a donner vos coordonées, pouvez-vous m’aider?

    Diane Hollahan

  7. I was just wondering if Kalie is still available for adoption, because on petfinder it says that she is but she is not listed on the website.

    Thank You!

  8. I recently adopted Shorty. And though I really felt I was ready to have another little love in my life, I realized at the last second that I was more scared than ready & almost cancelled. Thank goodness I didn’t. Sophie & Shorty’s (Rocky’s) adoptive Mom, Doris prepare these rescue dogs to be the most beautiful, well mannered & well trained little creatures you will ever meet. Obviously I fell in love with Shorty (his real name is Rocky), but being familiar with Sophie he does answer to Shorty with Sophie! LOL. I couldn’t possibly be any happier. Everyone wants that cute puppy, but do let me tell you that even later in their lives, these creatures will steal your heart. I can’t thank Doris enough for her encouragement for me to try & assurance that no matter what Rocky would always have a home. And now, that home is with me. Thank you Sophie & Doris. Amazing people you both are.

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