Adoption Form

Thank you for showing interest in adopting from Sophie’s Dog Adoption. New applications have a $25 processing fee.

This processing fee is to make sure you are ready and committed to the adoption process. All applications are kept open until a match is found, be it a week or even a year later. We can find you the right dog, one that will be the perfect match for you, your family and your living conditions.

We need to make sure your are 100% committed in the process from A to Z, so the processing fee is to make sure of that. Sophie screens all applications individually, she checks all personal and veterinarian references. Adopting a dog is like adopting a child. The adoption fee is of $650, it covers up to date vaccines, sterilization and etc…

Once you meet the dog and everything goes well and is in order, we then sign a contract and the adoption fee is paid at that point, until then there is no obligation to fulfill the adoption based on this application (thus the processing fee to limit wasted time). This application form is to help ensure the best placement possible for the dog.

Sophie’s Dog Adoption is not “selling” dogs, the adoption is not a “sale” in the legal sense of the word. Sophie’s Dog Adoption reserves the right to take back the dog if the terms of the contract are not respected.

Once the processing fee has been paid, the application form will be sent to you at that email address within 24 hours of the payment. You will need Word or OpenOffice to fill it out. You can contact Sophie at 514-804-5052 or if you have any questions regarding the application form. A french form is also available upon request.

Sophie’s Dog Adoption only takes in one application per dog at a time, if the dog you’re interested in has no pending application that means he or she is currently available for adoption. Once we receive an application for a specific dog, the listing gets put on hold.

Questions to ask yourself before adopting: Should You Get a Rescue Dog? – make sure you consider everything in length before adopting a life, it’s for life!

Note: The application gets sent to the e-mail address you have listed for your PayPal account.

CAD 25.00 / Download

Save a life, make a friend!