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Thanks for considering helping save a life by offering your home to a dog in need. Foster homes are the foundations of Sophie’s Dog Adoption. Here dogs don’t live in a shelter environment, Sophie has over the years built a large network of successful foster homes willing to help save a life until a forever home is found.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog then fostering with Sophie’s Dog Adoption is not for you. We are looking for fosters whose true goal is to help a dog, not to see if having a dog is for them. The last thing we want are dogs bouncing left and right without the ability to settle in. Foster homes are what enables Sophie to make a perfect match with the forever home.

Sophie’s Dog Adoption provides food and takes care of all medical issues for all foster dogs. If a dog get injured or needs anything, it is up to Sophie’s Dog Adoption to make an appointment at her vet or to provide you with the medication, or any products you might need for the dogs care. There are no out of pocket expenses incurred by the foster homes. Just make a phone call to Sophie.

Download the Foster Agreement, fill it out and return it by e-mail at, the Agreement is not finalized until it gets signed in person, which Sophie brings with her when she does the home visit with the potential foster dog.

Foster Agreement

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