I’m Sophie’s latest arrival, Baiba. I got lucky when Sophie showed up at her vet where I had just been taken to be euthanized because of an imaginary skin rash. My doctor having followed me for the last five years confirmed that I have no health issues but my caregiver is very very very old. So my doctor decided he would turn me over to Sophie as he would never euthanize a healthy girl like me.

We’re not sure what I am, definitely some Shih-tzu but with a dinky little tail and about 20 pounds. For sure I’m a little overweight right now but even at that I’m bigger than a typical Shih-tzu.  Even tough I’m only five years old, I act more like an older dog – I guess that comes with living with someone very very very old.

I would see myself with kids, dogs, cats, grandmas or younger folks. Pretty much anything will suit me as long as you love me.

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