Mr. Brown

Hello there. I’m one of the Huskies that were rescued a year ago from what can only be described as a hoarder. He had over 60 of us dogs all living outside tied to trees. Some of us are still waiting to be rescued from those people, and some of us were lucky and were rescued by groups who stepped forward to help us.

Several of us ended up with Sophie’s Dog Adoption and I am the last one still waiting for a home.  You see, I am the oldest of that bunch. I’ve been named Mr. Brown (because of my beautiful brown eyes), I am about 7 years old and had always lived my life outside, tied to a tree with a 6ft huge chain around my neck.

I have been in foster care now since August 8th, 2011 and I am really hoping to have a home by Christmas.  I have done so much progress, from knowing nothing but the life of a miserable dog, to having my own pillow to sleep on, sharing my home with other dogs, cats, birds.  I didn’t even know how to eat out of a bowl, had never been walked on a leash, had never given nor received kisses, but certainly been shoved around. Yet, I don’t have a mean bone in me and would do well with kids.  Not too young, as I am still very skittish and they could make me a little uncomfortable. I just want an easy, relaxed life full of love and fun times.

I learned to be house-trained really quickly as I’m very bright and eager to please.  Each foster home has been a new adjustment, but it has only helped me see new things and experience new lifestyles.  Now I really feel ready for that permanent, loving, forever home.  Please give me a chance, you will just adore me and have a totally different of Huskies (if you have a negative one). I am truly a charmer.

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  1. Mr brown est présentement chez moi et il est super !! J’habite en condo et tout va bien, par contre il sort souvent une cour serait préferable. Ca le rendrait heureux en tout cas ! Il est avec deux chiens une petite et une grosse et il adore tout les chiens. Sont activiter preferé est évidament d’aller dehor mais plus précisement au parc a chien il s’amuse et cour comme un petit fou. Il est extraordinaire dans la maison calme ,toujour coucher… Il ne dérange sutout pas ! Il a 7 ans mais ne le laisse pas paraitre du tout , si vous vouler un compagnon adorable et calme il est idéal .

    1. bonjour, j’ai l’oeil sur mr brown depuis 9 mois…. je devais me trouver une maison avant, et maintenant que je suis déménagée, j’espérais tellement le voir encore disponible pour adoption! je n’en reviens pas qu’il soit encore là et je suis siiii contente! comment dois-je procéder? pouvez-vous me contacter par téléphone? 450-882-1599. merci!

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  3. He is just adorable. I see something very special with him. I have a golden male (no dominant) and three cats. I am a bit hesitant to tell my husband I would love to get him. Let me work on it.

  4. Is Mr.Brown still up for adoption ? He is a beauty. .I have right now a 7 month old female huskymix golden retriever and would be able to provide a final home for Mr.Brown , have that yard and lots of walking area and many dogs around the neighbourhood . Let me know

  5. I was wondering what the possibility of fostering Mr. Brown was? I live with 4 other roommates who all adore dogs and we would really love to give this pup a temporary home with lots of love.

  6. I adopted one of those dogs almost 2years ago, I believe from that group, she is the most wonderful, unbelievably loving girl in the world, I do hope somebody can take care of this one!

  7. We have adopted Mr. “Charlie” Brown…and he isn’t going anywhere – ever!

    He is such a sweet, well-tempered and well-behaved dog and we are so very lucky that he has joined our little family.

    Can’t wait to see him in action this Winter!

    Keep up the good work Sophie and thanks for rescuing Mr. Brown!

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