Boy & Ginger

Here I am again, the Boy who’s still hoping to find that foster home. Last night started really well. With my new clean look and friendly attitude with the gang, Sophie decided to take me along for a friendly little family snack and then playtime at the park with Little Sue, Ginger and Rocket who’s spending the weekend with us.

We all went and shared fries on a terrace and it was wonderful, we all sat nicely together waiting our turn for a fry. Sophie was really proud of me sharing food next to Ginger and Little Sue, without a muzzle, as I never even showed a tooth to either of them.

Later on we picked up Rocket and all headed off to the dog park in Old Montreal, figuring it would be empty at that time. We got there and in fact were all alone, so we all entered the park (without my muzzle on) and were having a blast.

Ginger, for those who don’t know her, is Rick’s (Sophie’s son) little “Witchihuahua”. She is the most adorable little thing, about the size of my nose, and the most vicious little dog anyone has ever met. She showed me teeth, she’s lunged at me, she crinkled up her whole face at me again and again, yet I like the little thing.

Rick left to get a ball from the car to throw around, but left his little Princess with all of us at the park. You have to know that she sticks to him like glue. So here we were trotting, sniffing, playing, Little Sue and Rocket were being themselves (macho little dudes) and I was just doing my thing, enjoying the park, but made the huge mistake of sniffing Miss Ginger’s butt, and that totally insulted her.

She turned around and crinkled up that little face to show me her teeth and walked away. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to follow her to see what she was really all about. I think she forgot who I was, saw a Yeti coming after her in her mind, and started running and screeching like a bat out of hell (kind of like that little white dog at the park the other night).

So just like that night, I started chasing her all around the park, Little Sue and Rocket got into the action acting like “Macho Man” and that freaked her out even more. She spotted Rick coming back to the park and made the mistake of running up to the fence, stopping there as though her savior had just arrived. Well, that gave me the upper hand and having no hands, I grabbed her with my mouth. She wouldn’t stop squawking while I was trying to get her to submit, so once Sophie got her out of my mouth, I had made a little puncture wound on her inner thigh.

Obviously, being the little actress that she is, she limped and squawked all the way to her daddy. She played the “broken dog routine” all night but after disinfecting and cleaning her boo boo up, she proved to be a very good actress. She pouted and wouldn’t let anyone near her that night (including Rick), took over his room for the night and basically played little martyr.

Guess what! Today she was jumping around for fries. So I’m not sure that we will be friends again, but I would like to. I really like that little thing. I’m really not a bad guy, I hope she will save me a fry as I’m usually in my room or on the balcony, separated from the gang, still waiting for a foster home that will share food with me.

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