I’m Bronson, and was taken off deathrow from the SPCA Montreal, where they thought me “too intense”. And Pit Stop said I didn’t look “pit” enough and dark brindled pit mixes were not popular so they would not take me under their wing.  Thank God Sophie knew about me and took me out, as I truly am a wonderful dog.  I am a young male, just under 1 year old, with a big love for life. The guess is my mix is Boxer Pitbull of sorts. I do that butt wiggle thing that both breeds do so well, and I have a fabulous smile.  And let’s not forget my beautiful, round, brown eyes!  and wait, those kisses I LOVE to give too!  Let’s just say I’ll melt your heart.

I’m in terrific shape and I have a lot of energy. I need an active person or family because I’m no couch potato. Don’t get me wrong…..snuggling with you on the couch is my favorite thing in the world but us big boys need regular exercise of course.

I received some training and know several commands (in French) and hand commands. I’m a super bright pooch. To know me is to simply fall in love with me. I walk well with a halti but will be working more on walking well on a leash just because it’s the right thing to do!  I so much want to please my new family so I never end up tied to a tree and dumped again.

My ideal home would be one with experience and time to invest in my continued training. If you want a partner to go biking, jogging, roller-blading, then I’m the guy for you.  And a plus – I love other dogs! Kids would be great too, but I am a bit of a brute when I get excited, so no toddlers for me!

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  1. Their comment about the dog being “too intense” is perfectly attributed to the SPCA and not your organization. You took that statement way out of context. There’s nothing to get angry about there. I read your reply and by your own admission this dog was rejected by your organization for reasons that may be good, like overcrowding, and reasond that aren’t so good, like his brindle coloring. You also admitted that you never intended to take him “unless it was absolutely necessary.” Sad. Be happy he was ultimately saved by Sophie in the end. She is overwhelmed with imperfect, unpopular dogs as well, yet still manages to come through to save most of them pretty consistently without whining about having “too much on her plate” or not getting easy dogs that are quickly marketed out to picky adopters.

  2. I am currently fostering Bronson (we call him Bronze, although he responds to both names). He is great on and off leash and responds to commands even when he is in the dog park. He is AMAZING with other dogs of all temperaments (shy, active, even aggressive) and types (his best playing mates are a pit-bull, a german shepherd and a bichon!). He is great in the city, where he heels off leash and responds to a return command without hesitation, and in the country, where he goes off into the woods for hours at a time and then returns home when he is done exploring. He is not destructive in the house and considers his crate as his personal little haven. He currently lives with a 12 year old grumpy beagle and would do very well in multi-animal household, he has even learned to ignore my rats when they are out and about.

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