My name’s Bucky but they call me Cowboy!  I’m a bit of a cowboy when it comes to other dogs.  You see I was bounced and sometimes missed several meals, so if you’re a dog, you’d better not approach when I’m eating or I’ll pin you down!  However, I trust that humans will not take away what they gave me, so no protection towards my stuff with people.

I am about 1 year and a half, and already had 4 homes.  So my 5th better be my last, as I want to finally settle down.  After all, I like girl dogs quite a bit, so a nice lady friend would make my life sweet! Right now I’m pretty macho, so males – need to check that out some more.

As all pitbulls, I am VERY sweet with humans, once I learn some good manners (and I’m very eager to please), I would probably love having kids to play with and protect.  All in all, I need to be socialized with other dogs, taught some basics, learn to be a well-balanced boy, but most of all a stable and structured environment.

Give me a chance to show you my potential, all I need is love, patience, understanding and commitment and I will be forever grateful.

2 thoughts on “Bucky”

  1. Hi Sophie!

    I’m interested in adopting Bucky the cowboy.
    I own a house with a big back yard and already have a female weimaraner who would really like a friend.
    Please let me know if I can meet him.


  2. hi sophie, i think im the most one here interrested in adopting bucky he is sooooo cutee :o i cant believe people wouldint want this adorablee face, i can relate to bucky in a way because me myself i moved all around after being taken away from my parents, i now have my own 2 bedroom and a park where i like to go where there isint so many dogs so he can have all the attention he wants,including my full attention and my bf who loves dogs too. i LOVE dogs and im looking to love another dog after having to be seperated from my half huski half shepard named chomp:( i walk alot very active and do not work but i have the money for everything he needs edxpecially the food and love,
    < reply back as soon as possible. im really looking forward to meet bucky and my little family too :)

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