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Toby 8

My name is Toby #8, and I’m looking for a home through no fault of mine.

I’m a 7 year old Chocolate Lab. My dad passed away and my mom is moving into a home where dogs are not allowed.

I am fully vetted and in good health, despite being overweight at the moment.

I’ve been lacking exercise, as dad used to take me for long walks and even running.

I’m good with dogs but have never lived with cats. I’m well behaved, mellow and easy-going. 

I love car rides and the outdoors, but I also love to cuddle. 

Young or turbulent children are not ideal for me but dog-savvy kids 10 yrs and up would be fine.

If you’re interested in me, please download our adoption form ASAP and send it in.


Hello folks, I’m Axel the 7 month old Great Dane.

I’m already weighing in at about 100 lbs, so I’m expected to be a BIG boy.

I was unfortunately given up as I have become strong and my dad could no longer walk me.

Other than needing to learn to walk on leash, I am great. Maybe a bit big for young kids, but no malice at all.

Because of my size and young age, I have not yet been neutered so Sophie will be super careful as I should ideally get neutered once fully grown and developed.

That means there could be some marking issues unless you monitor and train me accordingly.

I want to find the ONE family that will be ready to deal with me in all aspects, for the rest of my life.

If you have what it takes, download and return the application form.

I will make the best pal ever!

Sunny Arevic

My name is Sunny Arevic, and I’m a 3 year old Armenian rescue.
I was found on the streets in pretty bad shape, one eye needed to be removed and the other one sees nothing. So I am blind, but you would never know it.

I am very sweet, quiet, playful and super affectionate. I can do stairs, can get around with no problems and even do pretty well on a leash.
I’m a mix, maybe corgi mix from my size and shape.

If you think I’m the girl for you, please download and return the application form.

Lilly Rose

Meet Lilly Rose everybody! This spunky Bully girl is currently just a little over 4 months old. Here is her bio…

Lilly is still a puppy but is thriving. She looks at us with soft eyes now, happy to listen for the most part, after all she is a puppy, is doing well chewing her toys and not other things, waits to be invited on the sofa or bed, waits for her food to be placed in front of her, learning to pee outside, also learning how to understand other dogs, not being afraid of certain noise and learning the crate can be a good place to be at times.

Lilly Rose needs to continue with her training, it is crucial for her well being. She is all muscle and will grow to be over 60bls of muscle. Her walking needs to be on point.

Whoever gets this amazing girl to be part of their famiy can expect lots of cuddles and and a very playful girl. She certainly is special and will be so happy to be in her forever home.

Chico Chi 2

Hi there! My name is Chico Chi 2. I’m about 6 yrs old, weigh around 10 lbs and am in good health aside from having terrible teeth right now. Sophie will be getting a dental cleaning and some extractions done for me asap.

My brother Pepito and I were surrendered to SDA because our human could no longer keep us due to circumstances out of her control. She was incredibly devasted to have to let us go but knew SDA would find us the perfect new forever homes.

I’m a great little dude. I get along well with other small dogs but I’m not really interested in the big ones. I just don’t care much if they invade my space and will snarl a bit to let them know to back off. As for cats, I totally ignore them. I’m good with kids granted they handle me with great care. A little thing like me could easily get injured if dropped or manipulated too roughly.

I’m not much of a barker. I only tend to bark if other dogs are barking but I also sometimes bark at the TV. Hee hee! I’m a quirky little fellow at times. I have learned to ditch the pipi pads in my foster home and now ask for the door. That being said, I may still have an accident from time to time if you have something that looks like a pipi pad to me in your home.

My ideal home should make to sure to take excellent care of my mouth by brushing my teeth and gums on a regular basis and providing me with dental chews daily. I’m not sure yet how many teeth I will have left once I get my dental done so I may need to be on moist food for a while after that. I don’t appear to have any separation anxiety but I’ve never been home totally alone before. Let’s just say that it will be important not too make a big deal when you leave to go out. I would hate te develop SA and have you return me because it bothers the neighbours.

Mimi Chi

Mimi Chi - 2

Mimi Chi is a 7 year old female Chihuahua. She was an indoor dog who never went out other than the yard. Never received any training either and was very spoiled and over fed. She weighs 9 pounds, which is too heavy for her delicate frame and so, she should go down in weight to about 6 or 7 pounds.

Mimi is now thriving in foster care. She’s a happy-go-lucky little clown. She is quite funny and knows it. If a dog can have a sense of humour, she’s got it! You just can tell that she loves to make people laugh.

Her overall disposition is simply exquisite; she is loving, affectionate, sweet, cuddly, eager to please, curious, bouncy, in other words, she is infinitely adorable and you just want to kiss her face raw.

She is trained on a pipipad but will do her business outside if you make it available to her. She tends to mark so keeping a couple of pads out for her convenience is good strategy.

After a while and getting used to new surroundings, she figures her way around the house.

Mimi loves her daily walks and it’s even better when her foster brothers come along.

She is very much scent oriented, she loves those new smells!

Leash walking is a skill she still has to perfect, but she is one smart cookie and will do whatever it takes to come along on that walk. She already knows to stay still while the leash is being put on and she’ll help along with her harness by putting her little head through the opening and lifting her paws. She knows what it all means.

Cats, birds and squirrels are fun to chase off the property. She may be small in size but not in spirit!

She is crate-trained and will go willingly in her cage for the night.

She has a good recall but sometimes the scent is just too enticing so mom will just have to wait a little.

She is not all that into toys, she prefers cuddles and kisses.
She is friendly with people when she meets them inside her home, she is a bit more skittish of them outside the house.

Her breathing is laborious, especially when she gets excited but as she loses that extra weight, it’ll get better.

She’s a picky eater courtesy of her previous feeding habits which consisted of pasta and tomato sauce and pretty much whatever her previous owner prepared for her but once a routine is established, she’ll thrive. She can be barky, she thinks she’s a guard dog after all, but not overly so.

Mimi is a total sweetheart and anybody would be lucky to have her.

Keeping her fit and slim will go a long way for her health. Sophie will have her teeth cleaned when she gets spayed and vaccinated asap. Keeping Mimi on a healthy diet with good quality food and providing her with proper oral maintenance is a must. No more getting spoiled rotten for Mimi. It’s time to be a real dog and enjoy lots of love as much as a structured and healthy lifestyle.

If you feel you would be the ideal human for Mimi, please contact and tell us why. Montreal and area.


Freedom is what I was looking for when I wandered off into the cold streets of Kuujjuarapik. Unfortunately I am just a wee girl of barely 3 months old, so luckily someone found me and decided my new life should start in Montreal.

So that’s how I got my name. I arrived at the airport like a big girl, all by myself, but Sophie was there to pick me up and bring me home.

My mix is a pure guess, but seeing that my friendly home town mostly has Labradors, Huskies and Shepherds, chances are my folks were a mix of those breeds. But you never know, I have big feet, I could have a larger breed in my family line, maybe like a Bernese Mountain Dog. Who really know?.

Sophie says we’ll have a better idea once I mature a little. Will my ears stay down, will they be up, will one be up and one down? My future looks are yet to see, but my future looks pretty good!


Post by Sophie's Dog Adoption.

I’m Snow, the 11 year old Maltese that was given up with Schubert.

I’m as sweet and calm as can be, and fairly healthy for my age, despite me losing 22 teeth due to severe neglect of my mouth. Now my tongue sticks out, but it adds to my charm.

Now that I live alone, I don’t bark. I don’t have anyone to encourage me, but if you have a barky fellow, I will follow his lead. I am a pretty independent dude, so I can stay alone during the day with no problems.

Some see me as old, I am definitely considered a senior, but due to my breed and size, I could live into my late teens. My eyes and ears are slowly going, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

If you want to be the one to give me the care I’ll need and the love I deserve, I will be forever grateful and loyal to you.

Unlike my previous family, I hope you will love me till the end.