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Freedom is what I was looking for when I wandered off into the cold streets of Kuujjuarapik. Unfortunately I am just a wee girl of barely 3 months old, so luckily someone found me and decided my new life should start in Montreal.

So that’s how I got my name. I arrived at the airport like a big girl, all by myself, but Sophie was there to pick me up and bring me home.

My mix is a pure guess, but seeing that my friendly home town mostly has Labradors, Huskies and Shepherds, chances are my folks were a mix of those breeds. But you never know, I have big feet, I could have a larger breed in my family line, maybe like a Bernese Mountain Dog. Who really know?.

Sophie says we’ll have a better idea once I mature a little. Will my ears stay down, will they be up, will one be up and one down? My future looks are yet to see, but my future looks pretty good!


Post by Sophie's Dog Adoption.

I’m Snow, the 11 year old Maltese that was given up with Schubert.

I’m as sweet and calm as can be, and fairly healthy for my age, despite me losing 22 teeth due to severe neglect of my mouth. Now my tongue sticks out, but it adds to my charm.

Now that I live alone, I don’t bark. I don’t have anyone to encourage me, but if you have a barky fellow, I will follow his lead. I am a pretty independent dude, so I can stay alone during the day with no problems.

Some see me as old, I am definitely considered a senior, but due to my breed and size, I could live into my late teens. My eyes and ears are slowly going, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

If you want to be the one to give me the care I’ll need and the love I deserve, I will be forever grateful and loyal to you.

Unlike my previous family, I hope you will love me till the end.