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Kira B

Hello Canada! I’m newly arrived from Lebanon and loving it so far!

I’ve been named Kira B, and I was rescued after being hit by a car. I was taken to a vet and operated on, however, some permanent nerve damage caused a tilt in my neck. But it makes me even cuter!

I’m good with dogs, cats, and people, but can get a little possessive and protective of my space and stuff (food, bones, human I’m with).

I love car rides and green spaces. I’m about a year old and waiting for that active, loving home.

My breed is totally unknown, your guess is as good as anyones! I’m about 50 lbs.

If you think I could be a good friend, go to to obtain an application form.


Je m’appelle Malika, j’ai 7 ans mais j’ai de l’énergie comme si j’avais 2 ans. Je me cherche malheureusement une nouvelle famille car ma maman a eue un bébé humain et me trouve trop énergétique.

J’adore les ballades, que cela soit en voiture ou en forêt. Je suis la parfaite compagne pour partir en camping ou en road trip!

J’adore chercher les bâtons, les balles et courir après les écureuils, les lievres ou les chats. Donc pas de petits animaux a la maison!

Je connais les commandes de bases : assis, couché, donne la patte, dans ton lit etc.

Je suis très affectueuse et toujours à la recherche de câlins, j’adore avoir de l’attention.

J’ai besoin d’apprendre a ne pas sauter sur les gens que je rencontre, mais c’est par amour!

Je ne jappe jamais mis à part quand je suis très excitée, ou si j’ai peur de quelque chose. Je peux gémir si je suis très excité et quand je m’impatiente. Je peux rester seule car je suis déjà habituée à attendre le retour du boulot de mon maître.

Je m’entends généralement bien avec les autres chiens qui sont dominants et confiants.

Lorsque je suis à la maison, je dors sur mon coussin, je prends des bains de soleil sur le balcon. Je ne fais pas de possession avec ma nourriture ni avec mes os.

Idéalement une personne ou couple actif ou même une famille avec adolescents serait l’idéal pour moi.

Mettez votre demande et il me fera un plaisir de vous rencontrer.


Hi! I’m Bubble and my name suits me!

I’m a bubbly, active, friendly Shih-Tzu mix and I was rescued from the streets of Lebanon.

After the big explosion, people have been having a rough time keeping their dogs, and so I was dumped on the streets.

I’m about 4 years old, and obviously before being abandoned, I was a little spoiled.  I like things my way.

So I’m looking for a structured and quiet home, ideally one person.  I can have attitude and will snap if you push. 

However, I’m funny, affectionate and get along with everyone including dogs and cats. But strangers must approach me carefully. I don’t care for fast movements 

If you think I could be the guy for you, get the form and send it in!


Do you like Chihuahuas? I may be the girl for you. Here’s my story, you decide.

My name is Rhône and unfortunately, my old Mom passed away two weeks ago and I was left orphaned.

I’m 7 years old but really fat, even obese, at 8.8lbs. You see, Mom never bought me dog food. She’s made a plate for her, and one for me.

I never left her side, went everywhere with her in a bag, and basically, she was my world.

She couldn’t take me for walks as she was legally blind and couldn’t go far, but I would love to go walking around your neighborhood.

Due to my eating habits, my teeth are not good, and one of my legs is having a hard time, so I’m pretty much looking for someone who will take good care of me. I may eventually require a small wheelchair to get around, but let’s start with me losing weight.

If you think we could become BFFs, fill out an application and send it in. Ideally, I’m looking for a very mellow household with a maximum of 2 people, no kids, please!

If you think we could become BFFs, fill out an application and send it in. Ideally, I’m looking for a very mellow household with a maximum of 2 people, no kids, please! please!please!ease!ase!!I may eventually require a small wheelchair to get around, but let’s start with me losing weight.


My name is Willy, and I just arrived from Jordan. You see in my country, dogs are considered pests, not pets!

So after having been rescued from the streets where my brother Dexter and I were living, we were sent to Canada and I ended up with Sophie’s Dog Adoption at the tender age of 8 months, legally allowed to fly!!!

I am in a foster home with dogs of all sizes, a cat and two teenage kids, do I can live pretty much in any kind of home.

If you think I could finish growing up in your home, I’d be super happy and loyal to you for the test of my life.

Send in your application, Sophie is waiting for it!

Rocky B4

Another Rocky from the streets of Beirut?  That’s me! I’m known as Rocky B4, I’m about a year old and my mix is a guess. 

I’m the size of a lab, yellow/red in color, and about 60 lbs.

So far I’ve been very nice, good with other dogs, getting used to the crate, and not afraid of anything.

I have not been tested with cats, but I would be good with dog-savvy kids. I’m a little bouncy so ideally over 8 years old so I don’t knock them over.

I am eager to please and am learning rules pretty quickly.

If you think I could make your family a great companion, send in your application to


My name is Finn, I’m a 2 year old pointer, and I was rescued from Armenia.

I had some trauma when I was around 1yr old which led to my blindness. This took me for a loop and it took some time to adjust but I am as good as ever. 

My amazing rescuer made sure I received the care I needed by having a vet give me a physical where I was vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Her love for me made her make arrangements so I could leave  the boarding facility, and was sent to Montreal for a chance at the best life ever.

It’s true, I am now blind in both eyes, however, I do not let this get me down. At my foster’s home I have mapped out their home and know where the steps are to go up and down, where the water is, my bed and where my buddy Lucas’s room is situated. Sometimes he closes the door so when I head to his room I bump into it. 

No worries, because I have a hard head.

I really enjoy walking and even trotting along, so if you enjoy running I would make the perfect jogging partner.  I won’t complain and I will happily let you decide where you would like to run. 

I am living with a couple of other dogs right now and am fine to be part of their pack but it’s humans I love to hang with.

Food is what drives me to counter surf so if you are not keeping an eye on your plate of food, my nose will lead me right to it, and hey, finders keepers, right?

I also enjoy the dog park where I have room to wander, explore and smell new things. There are some other nice dogs at the park and I enjoy it very much when their owners pet me. If dogs try and fight, I find it’s best just to wander away from all that drama…

 What’s fun is when my foster parents call me from far away, hearing their voice I follow the sound right up to them and prance through their legs. It’s a game we like to play..

To be honest, I do whine when wanting food, this is something I really need to work on. 

Being an independent guy , I like to wander in the back yard and even go through a fence to get to the neighbours back yard.

Other than being nearly perfect, I will bark at new noises. I have been blessed with a solid bark so I will either need to be in a home with great neighbours who love dogs or in a detached home.

Would you like a companion that is somewhat low key and doesn’t make too many demands? I would love to meet you. Please see me for what a beautiful character I am and not underestimate the amazing companion I can be. I would also be great with kids.


You can see some videos of me on instagram, petra_dog_adoption If interested in having an adoption trial with me please email, and ask for an application form. 


Hi Canada, I just arrived from Beirut and love it here!

I once had a family, but the economy being so bad in Lebanon, my family just left me on the streets to fend for myself.

But you see, I’m a white fluff ball (possibly some poodle in my family) and I’m not super young. Probably close to 9 years old, but very healthy!

So the nice ladies from the shelter picked me up and offered me a chance to fly here for a forever home!

I’m super sweet, but afraid of strangers. Before you can pet me and touch me, it will take some time. I need to be able to trust you and it doesn’t come easy for me.

No picking me up either, so you’ll need to keep a leash on me for a while.

I just want to be loved unconditionally, groomed regularly (with a muzzle) and enjoy the rest of my life with you.

So please, give me that opportunity by downloading the application and sending it in. 

Grace A

I’ve been named Grace by my rescuers in Armenia.

I’m a petite dog, about 25 lbs and of unknown mix. I’m about 1 year old and was rescued from the streets after some kids gouged my eye out with a stick.

My wonderful rescuers decided on had a better chance at finding a loving home in Canada, so here I am.

I have no issues with getting around, being playful, active, curious and certainly affectionate.

If you’d like to be the one to give me the warmth of a home, send in your application form.

June Boy

I’ve been named June as I was rescued from the streets of Lebanon in June of last year.

I’m a mix, possibly Norwich Terrier and/or Yorkshire terrier and probably about 7 years old.

I’m a very sweet boy, quiet, cuddly, clean, however I’m deaf. So getting my attention is with signs.

I’m looking for a home who will give me the best years of my life. I really like everybody including kids, just not crazy about cats.

If you think I’m the one for you, download the form and return it by email.


Hi everyone! my name is Oakley. I’m a 7-year-old mixed-breed male. ( Best guess: Husky/Shepard mix perhaps with some Rottweiler ). I weigh 70 lbs and I’m looking to find my forever home for the 3 rd time now.

I was adopted back in 2017 but originally came from the Great North of Québec where there are many strays like me to rescue and find loving homes for.

My family discovered that I’m not at all comfortable around the new child in the home now that he is starting to crawl. I’ve even nipped a couple of times. It was over toys on the floor. So for that reason, they have decided to return me. I’m a sweet pooch aside from that. Structure, stability, and regular exercise are a must for me. I need a peaceful home.

My new home will need to be dog-savvy, pet-free, and child-free. A securely fenced yard would be ideal for me since I love the outdoors. I was very insecure when I was first rescued. Being moved again will be a big shock to me so I will need a patient and understanding human.

Lizzy B

I am Lizzie B, I was rescued from the streets of Lebanon after having been shot in the face while pregnant.
Unfortunately my pups died before I could deliver them, but thankfully I was rescued and brought to a vet.
My sight could not be saved and have become blind as a result. I’m about 2 years old, and gentle as can be. I need time to adapt to new environments, but with patience and love, I will get more confident.
I’m good with other dogs, preferably calm dogs, and cats don’t really bother me. I’m not ideal for kids unless they are over 12 yrs old and dog-savvy. I need a calm and peaceful home. Aside from being blind, I am in good health.

I may be a shepherd mix, who knows, I can’t tell because I’m blind. I’m still beautiful, both inside and out. I love being loved.

Ideally I’m looking for someone who does NOT plan on taking me for walks on a leash. I’m very scared and don’t like to leave the property. I also really hate being left home alone.

So a ground floor and a yard are a MUST. Kids are fine if they want to give me love. But I’m not much of a “play buddy”. No ball fetching or running around for me.

Dogs I can get along with, but I need to establish my rules when it comes to food.

If you want a cuddly, affectionate, loving dog, give me a shout! But be patient, I’ll need to trust you fully before I’ll commit.


I’m Rain and I was found on the highway in the pouring rain in Beirut.

I arrived in Montreal this April and am still super nervous. I’m not used to human contact, so I’m looking for a home that will give me time to adjust to home.

I’m scared but not aggressive, however, touching me is a thing I still don’t like. Not having ever had a collar or leash, that freaks me out.

So I need a home with a fully fenced-in yard so I can go in and out on my own. I’m good with dogs but do show some mild resource guarding with my food. I am not a good candidate for children or cats.

I’m ok in the crate, which is preferred when you’re out just in case.

I’m about 3 years old with a lifetime of learning still to come. I am clean in the house and will scratch at the door to go out. I actually enjoy being outside now that it’s getting warm. You must supervise me however as I tend to flee. I always look sad. I recently had puppies when I was found but my rescuers were unsuccessful in locating them. It is very important that you do not feel sorry for me, however. I need you to be confident and surround me with positive energy so I can feed that off of you.

If you think I’m the one you want to love and help become the balanced and fulfilled pooch I deserve to be.

Bailey B

I’m Bailey B. Was found on the streets of Lebanon and had the wonderful opportunity to come to find a home in Canada.

Obviously, I’m a Terrier, so the attitude comes with it. I’m most likely a Beagle/Daschund mix, about 5 years old. I do like kids, and love attention and affection, but also a little spoiled. So no small children for me, please. Mature and dog-savvy kids over 10 could do. No cats or other small pets. I am dog selective so a proper intro is a must.

I can nip at you if you do stuff I don’t like and can be dominant in play. So ideally an experienced family with my type of breed would be best. However I’m not a very active dog, so I don’t like biking, jogging, or long walks for me. Regular daily exercise and plenty of mental stimulation will keep me happy. My new home must absolutely offer me a great deal of structure. That means not letting me up on the couch or bed without your permission. I can be quite manipulative so it’s important you set the tone for me the moment I arrive. You’re in charge, not me.

If you think I’m the pooch for you and you’re ready to commit to my well-being for the rest of my life, fill in your application!

Jackson B

My name is Jackson B, and I was rescued from the streets of Beirut. I weigh 75 lbs, probably a husky mix and approximately 5 years old

My energy is low-medium. I’m lazy inside but love my walks and even enjoy a light jog. 

I LOVE playing with other dogs, my tail is like a helicopter. I adore the dog park. I’m also very friendly with strangers.

My foster mom works all day and I am free to roam in the apartment. I’m not at all destructive and my adorable face is waiting in the window when she comes home.

I LOVE car rides and sticking my head out the window (while safely attached). I get smiles and ‘awwwws’ from everyone we pass – even people in bumper to bumper traffic which is saying something!

I can live in an apartment. I’m not allowed on the furniture and respect that even when you’re not home (as long as I have a comfy bed to myself).

I am NOT ok with cats, but fine  with dog-savvy children over the age of 10. However, I am very strong, so must be supervised properly. 

I am ALMOST the perfect dog.

I’m  such a sweetheart 99.9% of time. The 0.1% comes out when I REALLY want something and you’re standing in my way.  If you hold your ground while keeping a safe distance, I relent. This isn’t every time you try to set boundaries, it happens very very rarely and it would be unfortunate to judge me too harshly because of it…

All in all I’m a great dog, but I’m looking for someone who will not be intimidated by my antics.

If you think you’re the one for me, download and return an application.