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Chiko with a K

I’m Chiko with a K, and I’m a 12-year-old chihuahua mix.

I’ve been given up for the usual reasons, “we’re going through a divorce, my new landlord won’t accept my dog”.

I loved the kids, I’m older than both. They would cuddle and hug me, it was a sad goodbye.

I’m not keen on men….don’t trust them all.

I’m quiet and clean, I just need a routine, food, love, and a comfy bed and I’ll be happy!

If you want to give me that great home for my senior years, go to and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

I’m still very healthy and have a few good years still to go. I’ll love you till my last breath!


My name is Finn, I’m a 2 year old pointer, and I was rescued from Armenia.

I had some trauma when I was around 1yr old which led to my blindness. This took me for a loop and it took some time to adjust but I am as good as ever. 

My amazing rescuer made sure I received the care I needed by having a vet give me a physical where I was vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Her love for me made her make arrangements so I could leave  the boarding facility, and was sent to Montreal for a chance at the best life ever.

It’s true, I am now blind in both eyes, however, I do not let this get me down. At my foster’s home I have mapped out their home and know where the steps are to go up and down, where the water is, my bed and where my buddy Lucas’s room is situated. Sometimes he closes the door so when I head to his room I bump into it. 

No worries, because I have a hard head.

I really enjoy walking and even trotting along, so if you enjoy running I would make the perfect jogging partner.  I won’t complain and I will happily let you decide where you would like to run. 

I am living with a couple of other dogs right now and am fine to be part of their pack but it’s humans I love to hang with.

Food is what drives me to counter surf so if you are not keeping an eye on your plate of food, my nose will lead me right to it, and hey, finders keepers, right?

I also enjoy the dog park where I have room to wander, explore and smell new things. There are some other nice dogs at the park and I enjoy it very much when their owners pet me. If dogs try and fight, I find it’s best just to wander away from all that drama…

 What’s fun is when my foster parents call me from far away, hearing their voice I follow the sound right up to them and prance through their legs. It’s a game we like to play..

To be honest, I do whine when wanting food, this is something I really need to work on. 

Being an independent guy , I like to wander in the back yard and even go through a fence to get to the neighbours back yard.

Other than being nearly perfect, I will bark at new noises. I have been blessed with a solid bark so I will either need to be in a home with great neighbours who love dogs or in a detached home.

Would you like a companion that is somewhat low key and doesn’t make too many demands? I would love to meet you. Please see me for what a beautiful character I am and not underestimate the amazing companion I can be. I would also be great with kids.


You can see some videos of me on instagram, petra_dog_adoption If interested in having an adoption trial with me please email, and ask for an application form. 


My name is Pucci and I’m about 7 yrs old.  I’m  in excellent health and have the stamina of a young dog. My teeth are in super shape. I weigh about 35 lbs and most likely Poodle mix.

My foster home says I’m awesome, sweet, bright, loving and I’m wonderful with dogs and cats. 

I was used as a stud back in Lebanon but, where I was rescued from a shed where I lived. It took me some time to understand what was going on.

I have learned the basics like good leash-walking skills and obedience . I’m so eager to please that training me is easy. 

I do have a fear of men or anyone approaching me too quickly (I just bark), so you’ll want to keep me next to you on a short leash when you’re out walking me or when people come over. I can also be crated.  I very much like my crate.

I rarely bark, but I have some prey drive with small critters like squirrels and such. 

I can be mouthy when I get very excited, so ideally no young kids for me.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.