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The City’s merge, the beginning of the war against Sophie


In 2001 Sophie worked for the City of Cote-St-Luc, which later merged with the City of Montreal. Sophie spent over 15 years working at Building Inspection, she later transferred to the Engineering department.

Once at the Engineering department, Sophie found discrepancies with the SPCA Montreal billing. They would claim X dogs were found as strays, when in reality the number was lower. Public Security had a log of every stray dog, when the SPCA bills did not match the logs made by Public Security, Pierre Barnoti the Director of the SPCA was called in.

Mr Barnoti claimed it was a billing error and corrected it. Sophie, being overwhelmed by the amount of work due to the merge, was put on sick leave by her doctor which led to her being fired in 2003 by Robert Abdallah who was the Director of Public Works at the main City of Montreal offices.

Sophie had questioned many other irregularities within public tenders. Tenders were accepted at say 400,000$ but the final project would be over a million. Her bosses explained it was normal due to unforeseen expenses throughout the construction, and/or changes in materials which would cause the prices to change. Since the Charbonneau Commision, those irregularities are now known as “extras”.
Montreal refused to hire temporary employees to help Sophie out. The City later hired temporary employees to replace her position so that she could work on sorting out the mess of the other two municipalities.

The court records show that the City of Montreal disliked Sophie, they didn’t like the pictures of her dog Max on her desk. The City wanted her out of the Engineering department, Sophie asked to be transferred as she was unable to return to work in that department, mainly because of the extra work the merge brought on since Cote-St-Luc inherited two other municipalities to form the new borough of Montreal, Hampstead/Cote St-Luc/Montreal West (referred to as Cote St-Hamp West), but such transfer was refused categorically.

Sophie and her union (SCFP) fought hard but lost the case, the mediator ruled that since Sophie had started Sophie’s Dog Adoption, she had the ability to work and that the amount of stray or abandoned dogs did not overwhelm her ability to work in stressful situations.

In 2006 the City of Montreal started targeting Sophie’s Dog Adoption. That’s when the SPCA got involved. The first case was regarding dog tags, Mr Fortin (K-9 Inspector) kept visiting Sophie’s residence to count dogs, count tags, etc…

The SPCA under the Barnoti administration, helped Sophie fight the tickets in Court. Since the SPCA did not provide dog tags to foster homes, why should Sophie. Majority of the dogs within Sophie’s rescue where at the time SPCA dogs that were to be euthanized. The Municipal Judge agreed, but had to rule in favour of the City. The by-law made no exceptions, however the Judge told the City it had no right to go fishing. The SPCA told Sophie it would cost too much to fight to change the by-law.

Mr Barnoti had warned Sophie about Mr Fortin, and told her to be careful as the City also had an invalid and illegal right to seize, kill and ask questions later. Mr Fortin had already done so in the past.

The City kept fishing without a permit, claiming it had the right to inspect the residence without a warrant. Sophie would refuse access unless the police escorted the City. The City and Sophie played that game for a few years, the City would issue tickets for having too many dogs and no tags for the excess.

In 2008 the City issued Rick, Sophie’s son, a ticket for refusing access to the City without the police presence. The SPCA now had a new administration, so Me Devine (Alana’s father) represented Rick in Court but also lost. The Municipal Judge ignored both Canadian and Quebec Charters claiming the by-law allowed warrantless entry, so the ticket held. Rick never paid the ticket, waiting to be jailed for it. The City dropped the ticket in fear of the media.

CTV’s on your side had already covered parts of the story, interviewing the City and the SPCA.

In 2009 the City wanted Sophie’s Dog Adoption to apply for an occupancy permit so that she could run a Charity out of her residence. The occupancy permit would allow such warrantless entry into a residence, Sophie refused.

In 2010 the City got a police report that Tyson, a Pitbull under Sophie’s care, had bit another dog. The City (Public Works) then issued a 48 hour euthanasia order for this dog. It was now time for Sophie to fight back. Sophie took the City of Montreal to Superior Court and won. The by-law that allowed warrantless searches or seizures was invalidated and the euthanasia order dropped.

Sophie never heard from the City again, until 2012. Mr Trahan got a call from the Berger Blanc about Sophie. Sophie was reuniting strays with their owners at no charge, refusing to surrender any stray dog to the Berger Blanc, Berger Blanc claimed Sophie had to surrender all stray dogs to the them, Sophie showed the Berger Blanc their own contract, asking “where is my name, where does it say that”?

Mr Trahan (K-9 Inspector) came knocking at Sophie’s door, Sophie was now in a commercial establishment to avoid the municipal by-law that limited animals under a residential roof, she could now have up to seven dogs without a kennel permit, the same as a vet. Access to the local was refused, Mr Trahan left.

The City claims Mr Trahan never came knocking at Sophie’s door, despite Sophie having security video of Mr Trahan arriving in his SMART car and taking pictures of the front window. Sophie laid criminal charges on Mr Trahan, the police investigators claimed one visit was not enough, nor was Sophie the public. The argument was that Mr Trahan was preventing the enjoyment and comfort of the public by demanding access without warrants. It takes three to form the public, since Sophie was the only complainant, there was no public concerns.

The City refused to issue Sophie an occupancy permit, claiming that the zonage was residential for the top floors and the bottom floors had to be commercial only. Sophie had rented a local that was both zoned residential and commercial. The City argued only an “artist” could live in his commercial local. Sophie requested a written refusal to take the issue in Court, the City refused. It never ticketed Sophie for not having an occupancy permit. Sophie put a sign on the door, “members only” that way she didn’t need an occupancy permit, the public never entered, it was reserved for members only. An occupancy permit is to protect the public.

The City filed a complaint with the OQLF (the language police), Sophie had both French and English signs, but the OQLF started nitpicking. The OQLF claimed the English sign had to be smaller by X and Y dimensions, despite the law claiming the French had to be more visible, in which case it was, but that wasn’t good enough for the OQLF.

Sophie argued that a Charity had the right to post signs in English only, she had a philanthropic mission, and their own bill 101 allowed humanitarian messages to be in any language. The OQLF told Global news it was up to Sophie to prove the law didn’t apply to a Charity.

In order for Revenue Canada to accept a Charity, it must have a philanthropic mission. So that is the proof, we are playing with words here.

Sophie decided to play along with the City, requesting an occupancy permit, without costs, since she was a Charity. The City argued a Charity was not a non-profit organisation (OSBL), it could make profits.

Since the City claimed Sophie could not live there, she told the City that she was moving, keeping the commercial local for the Charity. The occupancy permit was refused because Sophie refused to pay for it as it is free for non-profit corporations (OSBL).

Sophie had plans to take this to Court, but the Wicca case came first. Sophie gave up the fight for the commercial local since the basement had water infiltrations rendering over 500 square feet useless…

The landlord of this commercial local turned it into a “residential” loft for Sophie, he did the work without permits, he knew the City would refuse the changes. The City never did bother him for that.

Sophie moved out after the Rumby case started. On the day of the move Mr Trahan came to visit, asking where Sophie was moving to. Rick told him “that’s for us to know and for you to find out”…

Help Sophie Save Carlotta Regnig

Carlotta Regnig is the perfect example of a backyard breeders lack of care when it comes to their production dogs. Her story is a bit of a mystery as she was found wandering the streets in the middle of the night. Cute as can be, pleasantly plump and wearing an expensive frilly collar. Obviously very pleasing to the eye.


Unfortunately once Sophie looked at her teeth to try and determine her age, thinking someone must be missing this little girl, only to discover the most rotted teeth and caked on tartar, it was definite I was not going to be reunited. Anyone who can leave a dogs mouth like that in such horrendous conditions does not deserve this sweet little girl.

Due to her teeth being so bad her mouth quickly became infected and she stopped eating for two days. Today she had to be rushed to the vet and is now hospitalized with fluids, antibiotics, it would seem the bacteria got into her bloodstream. Sophie being very optimistic is doing everything for her to pull through. So far the estimate is at $352.09 and going up.

If and when she pulls through, the next step will be getting that mouth fixed and yanking those teeth out. That will cost another good chunk of money. To add to this poor little girl’s sufferings she will need to be spayed and have tumors removed from two mammary glands (hopefully not cancerous – but we are not there yet).

Please help us financially to get her back in shape and to give this poor little girl a good home for the rest of her life.

Total collected: $430.00

Save Rumby

RumbySophie’s Dog Adoption (82837 1419 RR0001) and Wicca’s K9 Justice Foundation has agreed to help with the Rumby case (MTLEV1300290140).

Under the current by-law, a dog can be sentenced to death at the discretion of a City or borough official if the official deems the dog to be a danger to public safety or if the dog has bitten and caused a skin laceration requiring stitches. The by-law does not require the official to consult a qualified dog behavior expert, nor to assess the context of the incident, nor to consider other viable alternatives that would satisfy public safety concerns (such as mandatory muzzling) before ordering a dog’s death.

In Wicca’s case, the City refused to consider expert evidence from a certified veterinary behaviorist who had assessed Wicca and had written a report regarding her behavior and temperament.

In Tyson’s case, the Judge concluded, that the Tribunal should underline that the case isn’t about if the dog is a danger to the public. That decision would be up to the municipal authorities. All tough before issuing such order, the City does need to respect the fundamental rules found in the Civil and Penal Code of Procedures, which wasn’t done in this present case.

donation-meter-500 Sophie’s Dog Adoption has agreed to assist Rumby’s family in fighting this case by providing them with every resource available at our disposal. The City of Montreal keeps ignoring the citizen’s right to the fundamental rules of law.

The Court fees to fight this case will be around $400 to file the motion and to serve the city by bailif. The lawyer fees will be around $450 for the first day of court, if the Judge allows the case to go on to trial we will then be looking at $3600 in lawyer fees for an estimated 3 day trial.

The evaluation fees will be around $300, with an additional $150 to $300 for the experts presence in court if it’s needed. We also expect the city will be running us around with the intent to drain our resources as they did last summer with Wicca’s case.

Sophie’s Dog Adoption has agreed to help Rumby’s family raise $5,000 dollars for it’s legal fund. As a charitable organisation Sophie’s Dog Adoption will be issuing tax receipts for every dollar donated in effort to save Rumby’s life. Sophie’s Dog Adoption registration number is 82837 1419 RR0001

Total collected: $ 1,082.00

The Petition: Save Rumby
Facebook Page: Save Rumby
PayPal: Save Rumby

Facebook gets involved in Quebec Politics

Facebook suspended Rick’s account for 24hrs because he posted Simon Jolin-Barrette’s thesis, a public document. Blocked for sharing an e-mail address and a political news article. This is pure political censorship, an attack to the public’s freedom of political expression.

We removed content you posted We removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

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We removed content you posted We removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

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comment 20/ ici-nous-evoquons-lequite-comme-justice-sociale-une-entrevue-avec-me-simon-jolin-barette

Simon Jolin-Barrette


The city’s lawyer that fought so hard to kill Wicca, the 5 year old Pitbull deemed dangerous and killed for scratching a lady is now running as a political candidate for the CAQ. Simon Jolin-Barrette wrote his thesis on constitutional law, however he vigorously defended the municipal by-law that killed Wicca on the basis that someones constitutional rights are not valid if the property is assumed dangerous and at that without proof.


Martine Painchaud contradicts herself in La Presse & The Gazette

The City sees its citizens as a bunch of morons.

August 7, 2012 12:00 AM – La Presse

Speaking to Martine Painchaud, a spokesperson for the city, La Presse reports that now, if an animal is declared dangerous by a borough, the immediate sentence is death. The owner has 24 hours, in which they can hire an expert of their choosing to contest the sentence.

August 15, 2012 11:15 PM – The Gazette

The flyers for the demonstration, as well as a statement posted on the Montreal SPCA’s website both say the new bylaw would give a dog’s owner 24 hours to obtain an evaluation from an animal behaviorist in order to appeal the decision to euthanize their dog. That claim was also refuted by Painchaud.

Martine Painchaud
Attachée de presse
Tel: 514 872-9998

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