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My name is Mowgli, and I am a tiny Chocolate Poodle. I am 5 years old, and was originally purchased by a young girl who spoiled me. I am cute and it is hard to resist me, so a bit like my buddy Henry II, I was over spoiled and ruled my house. So I became very protective of my house. Big family, lots of activity and spoiled little me. Now my mom is going to school in the US, and the chance of a lawsuit was too big for her to even consider taking me, as I have been known to bite anyone I don’t like.

So I’m at Sophie’s, also learning to become a well-socialized, well-behaved, friendly and happy poodle, but I have a lot of insecurities so Sophie thinks it will take me a lot of structure. Basically my old life is in the past, and a new one is ahead. I am not a good candidate for someone with young kids or planning on kids, I have used my teeth a few times and being a nervous little guy, you never know.

So if you’re looking to take in a drop-out and teach me from scratch what life is about, then I’m the guy for you. I’m only about 7-8 lbs, cute as a button, a charming personality once you get to know me and I allow you into my life. Think about it, I’m certainly for poodle lovers with patience and structure, but not a cute dude for just anyone!


I have been renamed Clayton (you don’t even want to know what I was originally called!!), and I am a 4 year old Shih-Tzu.  My story is kind of unusual, Sophie’s Dog Adoption got a call from a lady who had put an ad online asking for someone to give her a dog.  Some lady e-mailed her and said I was available, and I was super sweet.  I was brought to the new home, and the next day I bit someone as I was very nervous.  She called for me to be taken back , and was pretty much told  they didn’t want me back and to call Sophie’s Dog Adoption to surrender me….

So here I am, new name and new outlook on life.  I am a little skittish and shy, and a typical Shih-Tzu who doesn’t like quick movements nor people in my face.  However, despite my growling and showing teeth, I have not tried to bite anyone since I arrived.

My foster mom says I have a lot of potential to become a secure little fellow, but right now I am confused and nervous around new people and new things.

So I am looking for a calm and relaxed environment, ideally no kids, to be loved and taken care of for the rest of my life.  If you adopt me, I will be forever grateful.


Tucker’s final hour – R.I.P

My name was Tucker, and I’m now in a better place. My final hour was spent with Sophie and her son Rick as they were rushing me to the vet in a desperate attempt to save my life.

I, unfortunately lived through seven years of misery and neglect, which took it’s toll on me. I was the skinniest, most skeletal dog that Sophie has ever rescued in 15 years. I was down to barely 25lbs, when I should have weighed closer to 60lbs.

My story is not very clear, but goes something like this: I lived with a junkie who totally neglected me, an acquaintance of his, after meeting me, knew he had to do something but wasn’t sure what, since us poor dogs have no rights. Just trying to get any kind of authorities involved, and knowing that Berger Blanc would have been my final destination, he decided to force the guy to surrender me to him. In the beginning I was putting a little weight on, getting a little muscle back, was starting to play and had hopes for a new life. However the damage done was probably too much and in the last two days was unable to hold my food down. My “savior” tried and tried by feeding me small quantities, but it didn’t work.

The last day, I got so weak he knew something was really wrong, yet a series of blood tests had been done so he knew I had no illnesses.

He left a comment on this website asking for advice to give me back some appetite and strength, but as I got weaker he decided to leave a voice message with Sophie. Upon arrival she heard a message from a distraught, crying young man and realized the urgency of the situation.

Being the optimist that she is, she was fairly sure that she would be able, with the help of her vet, to put me back on my feet. She rushed as fast as she could, during rush hour, to get to me and was blown away when she saw me. Her optimism took a dive as she right away estimated my chances to be 10 to 20%.

She wrapped me in a blanket, put me in the car and rushed back from Pointes-Aux-Trembles to Verdun, unfortunately I was too weak. I tried to lift my head to look at her, couldn’t hold it up, put it back down and gave my final breath half way to the vet.

I will always remember that kind face and sweet words as she was telling me to hang in there. I’m glad that I was with her in my last moments rather than a place like the Berger Blanc.

I know that even though we met for a brief time, she will never forget me.