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Mr. Big

image I’ve been named Mr. Big because I’m a HUGE Great Dane. Let’s say I’m the size of a small pony at 185 lbs. Of course I’m done growing as unfortunately I’m already considered a senior, at the age of 6-7. I’m looking for a new home at this stage of my life because having a dog like me is not cheap and my previous owner basically dumped me at his mom’s, who really couldn’t afford to keep me.

I’m very healthy and still quite active, but obviously due to my size and age, not obnoxious. I’m rather mellow at home, but I have a very protective side to me. So ideally I’m looking for someone with experience in handling a huge protective dog. Of course, I am looking for someone who will work on that protection issue and not let me become overprotective of him/her.

Because I’m so big, and can be nervous around new people, I really am looking for a very mellow household, with no kids. I’m great with cats and get along with dogs but due to my size, I don’t really care for tiny dogs.

I am however extremely loving and would love nothing more than to take over your couch, or better yet, have one all to myself. I don’t have too many years in front of me, especially at my size, but if I could find someone to give me that great life for my old age, it would be a dream come true. I’ve been in foster care several months, but due to a situation now have to move and I really think it’s time for me to find my own home. Don’t you agree and won’t you share your home with me? I’m simply wonderful.

Miss Daisy

Here I was sitting in my cell facing death row when I overheard ¨rescue groups will be driving Miss Daisy to Montreal, Canada¨.  My huge ears perked up and I ¨thought that`s me, I`m Miss Daisy¨.  Someone from what we call ¨cold country¨ was saving my life.

You see, I`m from down south Georgia, and I spent my life hunting.  Problem is I`m a Bluetick Coonhound, but instead of chasing raccoons I had more fun chasing the chickens from the neighborhood farm.  This farmer neighbor raised chickens who would eventually get plucked, cooked and eaten by humans.  The south is known for it`s fried chicken, my way is much faster and more fun.  Farmer wasn`t impressed and I was sent to the pound.

Down in Georgia prison inmates come and care for us at the pound, each one of us is assigned to someone who becomes our friend.  Likewise we pass through their lives and become a friend until we get adopted.

Unfortunately because of my taste for chicken I was not going to find a home and was facing imminent death.  Sophie heard my story and decided I deserved a new life with no chickens to tempt me.

Also I hear dogs up here wear boots and jackets in winter, I can`t wait to try that on!


I am Doobie, and I am a 5 year old Husky who has quite the story to tell.  I was originally adopted as a young pup from the SPCA, and for the last 5 years went from home to home via the internet.  Here we are now, and after being “rescued” by a so-called rescue group as a purebred Siberian Husky, it turns out I am an SPCA dog, microchipped and never neutered.  I was once again going up on the net as my last home didn’t want me anymore, so Sophie’s Dog Adoption took me in and finally had me neutered to end this craziness.

I am very friendly with other dogs, lived with a cat at least for a while, as well as with a 2 year old child.  I am sweet and affectionate, good to stay alone during the day, not a barker and enjoy life.

I am hoping to finally find a stable home where I can live the rest of my life and be spoiled, loved and most of all, wanted.

If you think I’m the guy for you, put in a request!  I will love you forever.


I am Tatoo, a 6 year old Jack Russell who originally came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption at the age of 2.  I was obese and very mellow, but with time I lost so much weight that I became a typical, high energy Jack Russell.  So as you can imagine, it took some time before I found my home.

Eventually, I went to live with a young man who suffered from mental health issues and I became the best therapy for him.  I have changed his life in many  many positive ways, but I always had a love of food and could get grumpy if I didn’t get “enough”.  So this nice man gave in….. and the weight is back on.

Unfortunately here we are 4 years later, and my dad is not well right now, and I have become a bit of a challenge for him on leash, as many people let their dogs come up and sniff me, and I don’t care for that.  This problem led to some arguments on the streets with other dog owners, and my dad is becoming very insecure of getting himself in trouble over the fact that he tries to stand up for me.    So he called  Sophie back knowing that she would be able to find me a new forever home where my needs would be met.  So, here I am waiting for that perfect new home to come find me.

I have developed some minor issues but nothing that an experienced dog lover can’t correct. A bit of resource guarding and some leash aggression. I’ll be receiving some training under Sophie’s care and will surely find balance again in no time.

Tyson 4

My name is Tyson 4 and thanks to Sophie fighting for my life in court (because I bit another dog), I now will be able to live a long happy life. It sure is hard being a Pitbull. God knows I didn’t ask for this. I am the result of my upbringing like any other dog out there.

I need a forever foster home, a Judge has ordered that I remain Sophie’s property in exchange for my right to live.


Molly 8 & Hurley

Let me introduce myself, Hurley, a six year old English Bulldog and my younger “sister”, Molly 8, a four year old Bulldog like me.

We are hoping to be adopted together as we do enjoy each others company, but if splitting us up is the only way to find us homes, then we will have no choice.

We are both quite big, of the stocky kind, however Molly 8 is also what I would call overweight. Myself, I am a big boy, but still have a waist.

Obviously we both need some exercise and a reduced diet, as our previous family was compensating their lack of time for us with food.

We are both very affectionate, cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, but I consider myself cuter then Molly 8. I have a beautiful dark face, while Molly 8 is mostly white.

English Bulldogs are not for everyone, as people who know our breed understand and realize that we have more possibilities of health issues due to our genetically engineered shape especially when it comes to our legs and our noses. We are often prone to developing breathing problems and arthritis as we get older. So if you want to adopt us keep in mind that in several years you may need to give us special care in order for us to have a long and healthy life. If you decide to take us in, we will be forever grateful and will shower you with love.



I have won the silver prize! My name is Silver, and here is the story on how fate luckily landed me right into Sophie’s hands instead of S.C.D.D’s gas chambers.

Sophie was over there doing a little investigative work at this shady pound, after having received confirmation that all dogs who are not sold eventually get gassed to death and that they do not allow rescue groups to take us out in order to save our lives, she ran into my Mum in the parking lot who was bringing me in to this horrible place.

Sophie approached her immediately, as the give away was the bag of food and a few knick-knacks under her arm and asked her why she was bringing me in. My Mum explained that she had severe allergies, but said the pound who had assured her I would not be put down. When she heard of Sophie’s encounter with S.C.D.D staff, she instantly decided to surrender me to Sophie as she knew in her heart that fate brought us all together and I would now have a true chance at a good life.

You see I’m just a four and a half month old, gorgeous, blue eyed, merle colored Australian Shepherd. I don’t deserve to end up in the system as a statistic but rather to be loved and grow up in a wonderful home. I avoided even five minutes of this stench of a horrible pound.

Tyson 4 – In October

Whoo hoo! I’m off the Island of Montreal, enjoying the country side, the green pastures, the hills around me, the clean fresh cool air surrounding my new temporary hiding place. Sophie has not yet given up and despite the outrages amounts of money that I’m costing her, she will not let me down.

She knew that keeping me in solitary confinement in a tiny cell was driving me nuts more and more, as whenever she came for my daily outing, I was more and more hyper and excited to see her because I was getting restless. Now I can run, sniff the grass, lift my leg here and there and interact with wonderful, caring, loving people who can actually play with me and throw a ball around for me to run after and stretch them legs. I have lost a lot of muscle mass in the last 90 days and this will give me the chance to get some back.

Hopefully by the end of this month I will be back in Montreal, at Sophie’s (unless a foster home comes through) and no longer have to hide as Sophie not only promised me she would get this death sentence removed, things are actually in motion as she’s taking the City to Superior Court in order to have a Judge make a decision that will remove this power the City bullies have to kill a sweet guy like me just on the grounds that I’m a Pitbull. So I’m crossing everything I can cross and cant wait to hear from Sophie in ten days from now. If she doesn’t win this on Friday, she will need more money to keep me here until round II, even though it’s more expensive then where I was before, this like heaven compared to that.


Raylen… Poor little me! My sister Rayann left yesterday to go to her new home, as the family came to meet us decided to take her. It was a split vote, 2:2 but in the end the “girls” won and took home the girl. So now I’m all alone and find it hard, as unlike Raynelle who has a buddy with her, I only had Rayann. No other four-legged friends here for me to play with.

I hope to find my forever home soon as I’m getting to be a really big boy (close to 30lbs) and would love for my future family to watch me grow into a BIG beautiful boy. I’ve heard Sophie say that some of her previous puppies have taken up to one year before finding that forever home and I’m hoping to find mine before I weight 90lbs.


Rayven, Raymond and Rayann, my siblings, have been adopted. Am I next? I’m Raynelle, Raymond’s “twin” and have been looking for my forever home which I hoped to find shortly after he was adopted but I’m still in foster care. However, It is looking very good for me as Sophie has an application pending for me which she says is looking very good. So hopefully with this new week coming after Thanksgiving, I will be giving my thanks to this new family for the wonderful future they promise to give me.

I’m crossing all my little toes in hopes that if in fact approved they will fall head over heels when they see my adorable little face and amazing personality and in fact decide to take me home with them.


I am cute, I am young and my ears are like radars. So I have been named Radar! I’m a ten month old male Min Pin (known as blue Min Pin) but Sophie suspects I might have some Chihuahua as there is something not quite right with my Min Pin look.

I came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption from a Chihuahua / Min Pin “breeder” who has too many dogs in her apartment and has been given ten days to get rid of us all.

I’m extremely skinny and will need to fatten up and learn a little housetraining, but I have a lot of potential and I am sweet, friendly, affectionate and eager to please.

British Max

I’m Max the British Spaniel! I’m a beautiful adult male but despite my handsome looks I’m looking for a new home. I have never been left alone as my family had a small business and brought me to work with them.

From the first day I arrived I was fearful of strangers and over the first year growled a few times at people and occasionally the kids at home. I grew up into a beautiful dog, very playful I love to swim and good with the kids. I live with three right now a 14 year old, 4 year old and 8 months old and I’m very gentle and friendly with all of them.

I’m very handsome and fully housetrained but I do have a few bad points that will need some work. I cannot be left alone for a long time, not so great at the dog park as I am a bit dominant (this may change as I was recently neutered) very alert and somewhat growly with strangers.

The reason I’m looking for a new home is that my human brother doesn’t want to walk me more then 10 minutes twice a day and Dad doesn’t have time. So Mom feel bad for me, spending my life sitting, waiting for a short walk, food and back to my place for more sitting and waiting. I’m a good dog and she wants me to have a better and happier life.


Hello there, my name is Rayko. I’m one of 7 puppies rescued with their mother after being abandoned in a storage unit!

My mum (Sunshine) and my foster mom are working with me to make me a happy, social and well behaved little boy. I get to go for lots of walks but my foster mom can barely make it down the street without people wanting to pet me! They tell me I’m very cute and are very impressed with my docile and friendly nature. I have a soft, healthy, beautiful tan coat with a dark muzzle. My toes and the tip of my tail are white.

I love napping and cuddling and chasing leaves when they blow in the wind.

I’m 2.5 months old now and ready to settle down. What I really want is to be a part of a family as loving as I am and a place to call home.

Tyson 4 – $3,000 later

$3,000 dollars later, I’m still looking for that forever home who will love me unconditionally. Here’s the latest update on me:

One of Sophie’s great foster homes had offered to take me out of hiding and try fostering me with his two old dogs as I’ve always been good with dogs I knew. Being experienced and knowledgable, my foster Dad introduced me to his two old girls and I was in heaven. He called Sophie within the hour to say that I was happier then a pig in shit and was having a great time with the girls. He felt so good about taking me out of there, it looked like it would be a great place until I find that forever home.

Unfortunately it didn’t last, the next thing you know he was calling Sophie to say I had grabbed his dog and injured her pretty badly. She told him to rush to her vet where she met them, and thankfully the injury, even though extensive, turned out to be a huge skin laceration, but no serious damage was caused. Poor old Saffy walked to the scale still wagging her tail.

Even though my foster Dad described the incident as being horrendous, he never saw any aggression but obviously Sophie decided it was time to have me evaluated by a professional to determine at this point whether I should be euthanized as this situation totally surprised her. She has always claimed that I’m very submissive, have no aggression issues, that I was simply not good with some dogs, she started doubting her assessment of me.

I’m ecstatic to have passed the evaluation with flying colors as far as the danger to the public determination made by the city. What seems to happen with me comes from early on (3 to 5 weeks old) when I lacked the socialization needed to learn my limits with other dogs. So basically I see another dog as a toy and shake the hell out of it as I do not understand the screeching and screams coming from the other dog. So the assessment is this, I’m extremely submissive, passive, easy going but have absolutely no aggression issues and certainly do not pose a threat or danger to humans. Of course I can never go out without a muzzle, cannot go to dog parks, and can only interact and play with other dogs wearing a tight fitted muzzle that cannot come off, as I really do love the company of other dogs.

Sophie is therefore going to try to get my death sentence lifted so I can return into a normal environment and get out of this cell. My evaluator told Sophie that keeping me here will not affect me as I’m so easy going, however let me tell you I hate it here and want to get out!

All the money that has been spent to keep me alive means less to save others and I feel really bad, but Sophie would never have put me down just because of financial reasons. So if you want to help you can make a donation or by buying Sophie a coffee, every little bit will help. Hugs and kisses to all of you who are rooting for me, I will soon be free again! As they say in New Hampshire, LIVE FREE or DIE.


My name is Chuck. I am born around Christmas 2009, so about 10 months old. I am possibly a Pitbull/Dane mix (I was supposedly a Shepherd/pitbull mix) as I am quite big already and have big feet

I am very smart for my young age, already housetrained, and I get along great with other pets (dogs, cats). I am also very gentle and submissive, so really good with kids.

I am hoping to find a good home while I am still young, as I have a lot of potential and want to show it off to a permanent home soon!

If you want to share your life with me, contact Sophie at (514) 523-5052 or


My name is Oprah, my sisters are Dawn and Christelle, even though we look nothing alike. We are born on November 23, 2009 and are looking for new homes.

Our Mom is a Beagle/Teckel mix and Dad, believe it or not, is a Shepherd/Husky mix. I seem to have Dad’s hair as I have longer hair which is poofy.

I am the most dominant of the 3, probably the first born. Our size as adults is a real guess, but it should be somewhere between 30-60 lbs. hopefully not more.

If you think you want to be my new family, contact Sophie at (514) 523-5052 or