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Mr. Big

image I’ve been named Mr. Big because I’m a HUGE Great Dane. Let’s say I’m the size of a small pony at 185 lbs. Of course I’m done growing as unfortunately I’m already considered a senior, at the age of 6-7. I’m looking for a new home at this stage of my life because having a dog like me is not cheap and my previous owner basically dumped me at his mom’s, who really couldn’t afford to keep me.

I’m very healthy and still quite active, but obviously due to my size and age, not obnoxious. I’m rather mellow at home, but I have a very protective side to me. So ideally I’m looking for someone with experience in handling a huge protective dog. Of course, I am looking for someone who will work on that protection issue and not let me become overprotective of him/her.

Because I’m so big, and can be nervous around new people, I really am looking for a very mellow household, with no kids. I’m great with cats and get along with dogs but due to my size, I don’t really care for tiny dogs.

I am however extremely loving and would love nothing more than to take over your couch, or better yet, have one all to myself. I don’t have too many years in front of me, especially at my size, but if I could find someone to give me that great life for my old age, it would be a dream come true. I’ve been in foster care several months, but due to a situation now have to move and I really think it’s time for me to find my own home. Don’t you agree and won’t you share your home with me? I’m simply wonderful.

Miss Daisy

Here I was sitting in my cell facing death row when I overheard ¨rescue groups will be driving Miss Daisy to Montreal, Canada¨.  My huge ears perked up and I ¨thought that`s me, I`m Miss Daisy¨.  Someone from what we call ¨cold country¨ was saving my life.

You see, I`m from down south Georgia, and I spent my life hunting.  Problem is I`m a Bluetick Coonhound, but instead of chasing raccoons I had more fun chasing the chickens from the neighborhood farm.  This farmer neighbor raised chickens who would eventually get plucked, cooked and eaten by humans.  The south is known for it`s fried chicken, my way is much faster and more fun.  Farmer wasn`t impressed and I was sent to the pound.

Down in Georgia prison inmates come and care for us at the pound, each one of us is assigned to someone who becomes our friend.  Likewise we pass through their lives and become a friend until we get adopted.

Unfortunately because of my taste for chicken I was not going to find a home and was facing imminent death.  Sophie heard my story and decided I deserved a new life with no chickens to tempt me.

Also I hear dogs up here wear boots and jackets in winter, I can`t wait to try that on!


I am Doobie, and I am a 5 year old Husky who has quite the story to tell.  I was originally adopted as a young pup from the SPCA, and for the last 5 years went from home to home via the internet.  Here we are now, and after being “rescued” by a so-called rescue group as a purebred Siberian Husky, it turns out I am an SPCA dog, microchipped and never neutered.  I was once again going up on the net as my last home didn’t want me anymore, so Sophie’s Dog Adoption took me in and finally had me neutered to end this craziness.

I am very friendly with other dogs, lived with a cat at least for a while, as well as with a 2 year old child.  I am sweet and affectionate, good to stay alone during the day, not a barker and enjoy life.

I am hoping to finally find a stable home where I can live the rest of my life and be spoiled, loved and most of all, wanted.

If you think I’m the guy for you, put in a request!  I will love you forever.


I am Tatoo, a 6 year old Jack Russell who originally came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption at the age of 2.  I was obese and very mellow, but with time I lost so much weight that I became a typical, high energy Jack Russell.  So as you can imagine, it took some time before I found my home.

Eventually, I went to live with a young man who suffered from mental health issues and I became the best therapy for him.  I have changed his life in many  many positive ways, but I always had a love of food and could get grumpy if I didn’t get “enough”.  So this nice man gave in….. and the weight is back on.

Unfortunately here we are 4 years later, and my dad is not well right now, and I have become a bit of a challenge for him on leash, as many people let their dogs come up and sniff me, and I don’t care for that.  This problem led to some arguments on the streets with other dog owners, and my dad is becoming very insecure of getting himself in trouble over the fact that he tries to stand up for me.    So he called  Sophie back knowing that she would be able to find me a new forever home where my needs would be met.  So, here I am waiting for that perfect new home to come find me.

I have developed some minor issues but nothing that an experienced dog lover can’t correct. A bit of resource guarding and some leash aggression. I’ll be receiving some training under Sophie’s care and will surely find balance again in no time.

Tyson 4

My name is Tyson 4 and thanks to Sophie fighting for my life in court (because I bit another dog), I now will be able to live a long happy life. It sure is hard being a Pitbull. God knows I didn’t ask for this. I am the result of my upbringing like any other dog out there.

I need a forever foster home, a Judge has ordered that I remain Sophie’s property in exchange for my right to live.


Molly 8 & Hurley

Let me introduce myself, Hurley, a six year old English Bulldog and my younger “sister”, Molly 8, a four year old Bulldog like me.

We are hoping to be adopted together as we do enjoy each others company, but if splitting us up is the only way to find us homes, then we will have no choice.

We are both quite big, of the stocky kind, however Molly 8 is also what I would call overweight. Myself, I am a big boy, but still have a waist.

Obviously we both need some exercise and a reduced diet, as our previous family was compensating their lack of time for us with food.

We are both very affectionate, cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, but I consider myself cuter then Molly 8. I have a beautiful dark face, while Molly 8 is mostly white.

English Bulldogs are not for everyone, as people who know our breed understand and realize that we have more possibilities of health issues due to our genetically engineered shape especially when it comes to our legs and our noses. We are often prone to developing breathing problems and arthritis as we get older. So if you want to adopt us keep in mind that in several years you may need to give us special care in order for us to have a long and healthy life. If you decide to take us in, we will be forever grateful and will shower you with love.