Charlie Chi

I am Charlie (another one), now known as Charlie Chi.  I am barely a year old, a male Chihuahua, and already on my 3rd home.

I might have been hurt by kids, as I am really afraid of them.  So kids will not be for me, and men … hmmm not sure of them, even though my previous homes were both with men….

I will need a lot of patience and some work, so far I am not housetrained, so lots of positive reinforcement and patience will be needed.

I am pretty skittish around new people, that’s the Chihuahua…..but once I know you, I am a sweetheart.  Of course, I have a high-pitched little voice, but not extremely barky.

Will you be the one to give me my forever home for the next several years, maybe 20 if I’m lucky?  We live quite old, us little dogs, so think it through as I don’t want to be looking for a 4th home.  This has to be the right one, and the final one.

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