I am Felix, and no, I am not a cat. I’m in fact a big dog, 90lbs, and they say I’m a St-Bernard / Shepherd mix.

I am adorable, loving, sweet & friendly, and enjoy the company of other dogs as well as cats.

I’m almost 2 years old and looking for a new home. You see, my mom got a new boyfriend, and being “the one” since I was a baby, I became possessive of her, my home & my food.

So I need someone with experience with intimidating, big goofs like myself, and all will be well. I am super obedient and eager to please.

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  2. hi Im very interested to have felix in my family.i have a litle dog ..and I had bussines with sophy with an another dog in the past…and now a fell in love with felix….

  3. Hi there!
    My roommates and I are very interested in fostering Felix. We have all owned dogs previously and would love to give this goofy pup a home. We do own a cat who is extremely friendly and gets along well with dogs. There are 5 of us in total so there will always be someone home to feed/walk/love this big beaut! We also live close to the mountain and parks in the mile end to take him on nice long walks! Let me know if he is still available to foster!

  4. Me and my boyfriend would love to foster felix! I am very experienced with Shepherds having grown up with them and we have a 9 month old kitten at home who would love the company.

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