I was named Fynn by my foster home.  Brielle and I are siblings, we are Kuujjua’s puppies who were born on June 19, 2012.  It is suspected that we have different fathers.

I was the second born, but the biggest (we lost a brother) and quadrupled in size the first few days.  My father is a mystery, but many options were considered. Possibly St-Bernard, Great Pyrenees, but now it is thought I may have some Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen.  You see, mom was a street dog in Kuujjuarapik, and there are all kinds of pups sold in petshops there too, except we all live outside and there are NO vets out there.  So dad could really be anything, but I have sort of wiry hair, very long ears, very short legs and just cute as a button.  So regardless of my dad’s background, we know Mom was a Shih-Tzu/Bichon mix and I’m certainly going to outgrow her.

I am very mature, teeth came out early, I’m already able to get sterilized (yup at barely 9 weeks), and already have a sense of what life is about.  I can be a little feisty, certainly from generations of dogs fending for themselves, so I’ll need a family with knowledge and experience in order not to turn me into a spoiled little devil.

I am adorable though, so don’t let my cute looks fool you into thinking I’m the dude for you.  Think it through, I may be a handful as I grow up!! But I am totally lovable, that’s for damn sure!

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