I’m a Shih-Tzu of about 4 years old that was taking a walk on a beautiful Spring night on the water shore, at the end of the Island road near the Lachine canal. Like a castaway, I was looking to be saved and to finally be reunited with my family. Sadly no one appears to be looking for me.

My new name is Gilligan, and I hope to find a new family soon. I’m nice, I get along well with other dogs and I’m really quiet. However I needed to get a good grooming as I looked like I’ve spent the last 10 years living on an inhabited Island.

I am in a foster home with a family (teenage kids) and I have really taken to the husband, son and his friends.  I seem to be a “dude” kind of guy, I actually tend to be a little afraid of women.  So ideally, a nice retired gentleman would be wonderful for me, or a young active fellow even though I don’t really suit the image!  A gay man would be really cool too, so basically if the main person in my life is a man, I’ll be happy. Oh yeah, and in my foster home, there’s also a shih-tzu, 2 very young puppies and 2 cats.

I’m a quiet guy, not a whole lot of barking if it’s not necessary.  So think about it guys, I can become your very best pal – I just become mush around men!

2 thoughts on “Gilligan”

  1. Bonsoir Gilligan, ton histoire est très touchante et tu as eu
    la manière de dire les choses correctement malgré que la vie
    t’a joué un tour…je pourrais tout arranger ça pour toi car je crois
    sincèrement que l’on pourrait faire bonne équipe ensembles… je remplie le formulaire immédiatement car je veux absolument te rencontrer car c’est un chien comme toi que je veux dans ma vie…à tout de suite,

  2. J’aimerai savoir s’il ai encore disponible, je cherche pour mes beaux parents, un shitsu, car ils ont perdu le leur a Pâques (de vieillesse, 16 ans)

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