My name is Mowgli, and I am a tiny Chocolate Poodle. I am 5 years old, and was originally purchased by a young girl who spoiled me. I am cute and it is hard to resist me, so a bit like my buddy Henry II, I was over spoiled and ruled my house. So I became very protective of my house. Big family, lots of activity and spoiled little me. Now my mom is going to school in the US, and the chance of a lawsuit was too big for her to even consider taking me, as I have been known to bite anyone I don’t like.

So I’m at Sophie’s, also learning to become a well-socialized, well-behaved, friendly and happy poodle, but I have a lot of insecurities so Sophie thinks it will take me a lot of structure. Basically my old life is in the past, and a new one is ahead. I am not a good candidate for someone with young kids or planning on kids, I have used my teeth a few times and being a nervous little guy, you never know.

So if you’re looking to take in a drop-out and teach me from scratch what life is about, then I’m the guy for you. I’m only about 7-8 lbs, cute as a button, a charming personality once you get to know me and I allow you into my life. Think about it, I’m certainly for poodle lovers with patience and structure, but not a cute dude for just anyone!

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