I have a new name, Nusumareta and I’m looking for a new home. I’m probably around six years old and it’s obvious I spent my life tied outside.

I’m a big boy, low energy but I’m hoping to get strength and be able to live an active life. So far I’ve shown that I’m good with other dogs and a big teddy bear. I’m looking for the comfort of a home with a dog bed, dog toys and regular healthy meals.

Will you be the one to show me how wonderful life can be?

6 thoughts on “Nusumareta”

  1. Oh goodness that poor boy…being tied up tht is no way for a dog(especially one of his breed) to live :/ one look at him and I am in love he reminds me a bit of my dog tht we just had to put down.

  2. hI sOPHIE,
    he is beautiful just like all your pups! I bought a home on a 7 acre property with many more acres as a back yard. I currently have another dog and would love to find a companion for her to enjoy our walks and most of all, give a second chance to life! My dog is quite tempermental so we may have to try a few times before we find the right match for us. We are moving to Ontario so that eliminates 1 breed unfortunately. Please contact me as I’m not big on email and would like to discuss adopting one of your boys or girls. If you can contact me I will provide you with my phone number…

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