I’ve been named Picsou by my previous home, I guess they saw me as a cartoon. You see, I was purchased as a puppy and my caretaker was a 10 year old little girl. I was to be her responsibility.

Unfortunately I went from a cute little puppy to a one and half year old un-neutered male and she just couldn’t keep up with my training. So the grown-ups in the family decided she wasn’t doing a good enough job training me so the decision was that I needed a new home.

I’m a very friendly and affectionate Chihuahua, unlike others not barky or nippy. As far as the house training goes, with adults in charge, I’m really catching on fast.

3 thoughts on “Picsou”

    1. Dino (I renamed him) has been with me and my chihuahua Luca for almost two years, and they’re the best pals! He’s a sweetheart. I think he may have a bit of pug in him.

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