I’ve been named Pip by my foster home because I’m really small, basicly I’m a pipsqueak. I’m a young miniature pinscher and the story goes that I was found as a stray. However because of who “found” me, Sophie strongly suspects that I’m related to Celina and Melina as well as Minnie. Those three (previously adopted), all came from the same source as the one who found me.

I’m no more than two years old, very tiny, fully house trained but quite afraid of the big world. I’m living with Mr. Big right now and I have to say he’s intimidating. My experience with other dogs seems very limited.

I would be great for a family, very gentle, loving and ready for that new life.

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  1. I’ve been trying to contact you guys I don’t have the money to buy a new dog but I would love to save this little guy that you have pip

  2. Comment fait-on pour obtenir des infos sur ce chien ou quelque autre petit chien qui pourrait jm’intéresser ? Merci.
    Jacqueline Riou
    (514) 721-4126

  3. Ni i am alecia and i live Alone and i am looking for a compnion and is what i need i am exactly what he needs. I havé alot of love, affection and care. Plus reply i am on desperate need of a pinscher,

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