My family was not very original when they named me, I’m a Pug and my name is Puggy!  Yup, you heard right, Puggy!

I ab about 7 years old, and was originally adopted from the SPCA at the age of 2.  I lived with an older gentleman and we had a wonderful life.  However, he got older and passed away, and nobody in the family wanted me.  Why I don’t know, as I really am a sweet dog.  But I guess I was part of the goods that no one wanted.  Sometimes I wish I had been a marble table or crystal chandelier. But hey, that’s life.

So here I am, a little grumpy at times and a dude with character, but nice as can be and a typical pug, with all the grunts and noises.  Of course at my age, future health concerns might be something to think about before deciding I’m the guy for you, as we are known for not being the healthiest as we age.

I get along with other dogs and cats, but I can also be a little bossy with dogs who bug me. My foster home has actually nicknamed me Gino as she thinks I remind her of a Gino – boxer type dude!  My personality will definitely charm you.  So if you think I’m the guy for you, you know what to do.

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  1. Hello, I am very happy to say that Puggy has been adoped on Thursday July 11, 2013. He is doing very well, getting his excercise and has adapted well to his new home. We all love him, hes an Angel. We are happy he is part of our family. Lina

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