Raymond & Raynelle

Hello big world! We are Raymond and Raynelle, also referred to as the “twins” by Sophie. We are the only two of the seven Rays still looking for a temporary foster home together. We have been at Sophie’s since Saturday but someone is taking us for a few days to give her a break.

We are cute as a button, Raymond weighs around 12lbs and Raynelle about 9lbs and we are only eight weeks old.

We are hoping to find a foster home by Saturday who can keep us together two or three weeks.

4 thoughts on “Raymond & Raynelle”

  1. hi, my name is Nancy.
    Id like to know more about the twins if possible. can you describe their tempermants a little. I have an older dog and she needs to be paired with a submissive dog. Is either one of them that type of dog?


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