You like Chihuahuas? I may be the girl for you. Here’s my story, you decide.

My name is Rhône and unfortunately my old Mom passed away two weeks ago and I was left orphaned.

I’m 7 years old but really fat, even obese, at 8.8lbs. You see, Mom never bought me dog food. She’s make a plate for her, and one for me.

I never left her side, went everywhere with her in a bag, and basically she was my world.

She couldn’t take me for walks as she was legally blind and couldn’t go far, but I would love to go walking around your neighborhood.

Due to my eating habits, my teeth are not good, one of my legs is having a hard time, so I’m pretty much looking for someone who will take good care of me. I may eventually require a small wheelchair to get around, but let’s start with me losing weight.

If you think we could become bff’s, fill out an application and send it in. Ideally I’m looking for a very mellow household of maximum 2 people, no kids please!

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