My name is Shad-Eau, and I am a 5 year old Portuguese Water Dog.  I just arrived at Sophie’s recently due to my behaviour that the family couldn’t cope with.  You see, I was pretty much babied since puppyhood, and have become very protective of my home and family.

At first they thought it was great, but 5 years later, it’s not so great anymore as I have become overprotective since a baby has come into the house.  In my home, I’m fine, out on the street – you’d better not step into my space as I will react.  Have never bit, but my family didn’t want to take a chance and didn’t know how to deal with this.

What Sophie saw right away is I’m a very insecure dog, and not a whole lot of structure.  So I need someone with lots of experience in bringing me around to become independent, feel secure and safe and realize who’s in charge of protecting me, not me in charge of protecting my family.

I have a few quirks that need to be addressed, but with the right family/person, I will flourish.  I do come from a CKC breeder, unfortunately she is out of business and not much is known on me, but I think I was the last born…. I certainly was the last sold, I was about 5 months when I left the nest to fly on my own, and I was already very scared and insecure.

So someone with experience, patience, and who really wants me for me and not because of my breed, is what I’m looking for.  I want this home to be my second and last one. After all, don’t they say only puppymill dogs are given up? I’m the proof that no matter where you buy a puppy, how much you pay for the puppy, what papers the puppy has or doesn’t have is soooo irrelevant.   You have to look at dog before breed.  Think it through before putting in an application!

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