My name is Souris, and when I was given up (along with Valentine the Pug), my mom said I was tiny!!  When Sophie got there to pick me up, she saw a very pudgy Chihuahua/MinPin mix.  I should probably weigh about 10 lbs or so, right now I’m much more, but losing the pounds weekly!

I am a very sweet girl, 3 years old, and it seems I was the boss at my old house, here…. not so.  I am quite skittish, but absolutely no aggression.

I was trained on pee-pee pads so we’re working on learning outside and I’m learning pretty fast.

I would do well with pretty much any type of person or family, right now I am so insecure and scared of everyone, all I need is someone Alpha who will teach me to feel secure, independent and really enjoy all that life has to offer.  Can you be that person or family?

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  1. I have chills looking at your pics. You are perfect and I can train you, you’ll be very happy. No animals, no kids I could devote myself to your much needed life. Till we meet…xssss

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