Spooky 2

My name is Spooky 2 but I’m certainly not too Spooky!  I’m actually a really cute and funky looking little guy.  I’m a 4 yr old male about 15 lbs and by the looks of me, a Dachshund mixed with some terrier.  I have black spots on my tongue so for all we know, I have some Chow Chow deep down somewhere! And I have some kind of a Mohawk on my back that just grows naturally.  So I’m a little guy with big love to give and a look to make everyone smile.

My dad was placed in a home and nobody in the family could take me in, so Sophie came to the rescue. My foster home has been helping me become a less anxious pooch and things are going very well as it was a little hard at first to adjust to this new life.

With a loving stable home, structure and regular exercise….I will be a happy boy. I’m cuddly, great with kids even newborns, not a mean bone in me.  I am great with other dogs, and cats too.  What else can you ask for in the perfect mate?  I have short legs, a long body, but I can go for quite a while.  If you want to take me for nice walks on Mount Royal, I will certainly follow you!

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  1. Hi, I’m Spooky’s foster mom and want to say that he is the best friend I’ve ever had. I fell in love with him the minute I got him.
    He loves to go for long walks, he can even rollerblade with you, when we’re out, his favorite thing to do is chase after squirrels. He plays well with other dogs and is amazing with children. When he’s off leash he will come when you call him (unless there’s a squirrel around).
    He loves to fetch his ball but a little stubborn when he brings it back, (the cutest thing). Like Sophie says, he really does not have a mean bone is his body, he’s a pleaser and just wants to be loved, and he has so much love to give.
    He knows when he’s going for a walk, as soon as I put my running shoes on, his ears go up and as soon as he hears the rustling of my keys his tail is uncontrollable and at the door he is.
    I will miss him when he finds his forever home!!

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