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I was found as a stray back at the end of April 2012, in Pointe St-Charles, and nobody has come forward to claim me as their dog.

I was nicknamed Pudge by the people who found me and brought me to Sophie’s, and the name has stuck.  You see, I was a little pudgy, so I’ve been put on a diet and am doing wonderful.

I am a female, probably about 1-2 years old, very sweet and affectionate, friendly and playful, but don’t know anything other than asking for the door when I need to go to the bathroom (which is the most important thing to know!).  However, I will need some work still on walking on a leash, basic training and just knowing what is expected of me.

I am great with other dogs, cats and would love to be around kids.  I have a little separation anxiety right now but it is getting better, so I will need to remain structured in my new home in order not to regress.

If you think you want to give me a chance, as it is obvious I have been abandoned, please make sure it will be for life.


Finally at the age of nine month I have also found a new home. I’m Oprah, I had arrived with my two sisters Christelle and Dawn back in the Spring, they had found homes almost immediately while spent my childhood in foster care.

My foster homes helped me become a well adjusted, well socialized, well behaved teenager and I hope to make my new Mom proud.

I hope to be there forever as it will be a great life.


My name is Oprah, my sisters are Dawn and Christelle, even though we look nothing alike. We are born on November 23, 2009 and are looking for new homes.

Our Mom is a Beagle/Teckel mix and Dad, believe it or not, is a Shepherd/Husky mix. I seem to have Dad’s hair as I have longer hair which is poofy.

I am the most dominant of the 3, probably the first born. Our size as adults is a real guess, but it should be somewhere between 30-60 lbs. hopefully not more.

If you think you want to be my new family, contact Sophie at (514) 523-5052 or info@sopheisdogadoption.com

Chewbacca (ACDC)

My real name is Chewbacca, even though ACDC was a pretty cool name. I’m in fact three years old and tonight I was reunited with my human Dad. He had been looking for me since the 28th when I snapped my makeshift leash by chasing a squirrel.

Even though the Berger Blanc is useless, the Montreal SPCA came through for me by giving out Sophie’s number when they got a call about me having been lost on Mount-Royal. I was so happy I howled my little head off and danced around with joy.


Remember the Beagle found on Mount-Royal? Well that’s me and nobody seems to be looking for me. I’ve been named ACDC, as when I was found, I had part of an electrical cord still tied to my collar.

I’m about two years old, my grandpa may have been a Bassett Hound since I have a very deep voice. I’m very well socialized, well behaved, friendly with people, enjoy the company of other dogs (but a little dominant as I’m not fixed yet) and very street wise.

When I ride in the car I love to stand on the door and have my whole head out the window letting my ears flap in the wind. I’ve been good with the gang at Sophie’s and I’m now looking for a foster home and will be going up for adoption by next week if I’m still “lost”.

Luna 2

My name is Luna 2, I’m a four month old Pug Beagle mix who came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption two months ago with my sister Mona. Mona was adopted last month and my adoption was finalized tonight and I will be going home with a cone around my head as I was spayed today.

The next few days I will have to remain calm, but I can’t wait to be able to play with all my new toys that were in my adoption goody bag.