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I have been renamed Madison, or Maddie for short.  I am a really sweet little Bichon Frisé who spent my life in a puppymill popping out puppies for profit.

Unfortunately here I am at the age of 5, and I was dumped as I was costing more money than the mill wanted to spend on me.  You see I have what seems to be allergies, probably to food, but nothing officially has been ruled out.  Also my teeth were so bad, Sophie had to do dental work and I lost not only all but 3 of my teeth, but my gums were literally split open from living with these bad teeth for so long.

I am a little skittish around women, I tend to prefer men, but still weary of strangers at first.

I’m a tiny little thing, about 8 lbs or so, and would love nothing more than a wonderful home who will do what it takes to make me healthy, comfortable and happy for the rest of my life.


Out with the old and in with the new. My name is Lenny and at one year of age, I’m considered the old one. You see, my family bought me in a petshop when I was a cute little fluff ball and now a cute Pitbull puppy has taken my place. I’m a little bit shy but friendly and somewhat curious. What am I? A typical Quebec puppymill mutt, by my looks we could think Lhasa Apso / Bichon Frise. But I could really be anything. I was sold as a novelty, a gadget, something to play with and nobody really cared, I was just cute and fun.

Now I also want to be loved, groomed, taken care of and be a member of my next family, not just another novelty. I have lots of potential, dogs, cats and kids I would welcome, or just a simple quiet household would be fun too. All I want is that forever home.


This is my new look, shaved from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail. And the alien cone on my head is so I don’t chew myself up. You see, I had a problem with my glands and that caused massive irritation on my butt. It has to heal so I get to wear this stupid thing.

As for the new look, the groomer who did this couldn’t be bothered to detangle and brush at least some of my matted hair and took the easy way out and shaved me right down. Even the tail! Can you believe it? I feel like a rat and I look like one, but as Sophie says it will grow back.

I’m back with Sophie as this little gland problem stressed out my foster home, Sophie couldn’t rush over there as quickly as they would have liked and so took me to the vet. I came home feeling lighter, but continued rubbing my butt as I was irritated. That stressed them out some more so off we went again to the vet. After a lot of try this, try that, try the other, I was sent home with antibiotics, pain killers and hypoallergenic food and that didn’t help. So I went back for a third time and in the end, anti-diarrhea pills were prescribed at that time by an emergency vet and everything else was to be thrown out.

It’s obvious that my foster home was taken advantage of as Sophie has never had a dog that had a gland problem running a $700 bill. It’s sad to see that a majority of vets are as “honest” as car mechanics.


I’m François a 3 year old Shih-tzu Bichon Frisé mix who was dumped by my mom at “grandma’s” house while she went on vacation. I guess she must of met another man as upon her return she decided I was no longer her little man. So she called grandma and basically said keep him, find him a home, do whatever he’s yours now.

They tried for a couple of months, but wanting to make sure I would find a good home they decided to ask Sophie to do so as they had heard how she has found so many wonderful homes for guys like me.

So I need a foster home and eventually of course a loving permanent home. I’m very gentle, quiet, friendly and seem to like everything and everyone. However Sophie was told that I’m an ankle biter but I haven’t done any of that since I arrived last night. But from what I hear Sophie will put her foot down and show me that it is unacceptable behavior.

Toby 6

My name is Toby 6 and I am a victim of Petshops. I was purchased at Petland and already at the age of 8 months, I am looking for a new home.

I am a Bichon Frise/Yorkshire mix, and even though I look pretty scruffy, I am adorable. I am friendly, cuddly and affectionate.

I am very smart, I am housetrained and do very well when left alone. I am looking for a family with kids as I adore them, but someone active would do just as well.

Keesha 2

I feel very left out and am not afraid to show my discontent by peeing the floor, chewing up the kids’ toys, anything to get someone’s attention.

So my mom can’t deal with it anymore and has decided it’s time for me to find a new home.

However, I am a very good dog! I am sweet, affectionate and a good companion. I am good with the kids, not a big barker, and just love life. I deserve a good home who will work with me in giving me back a sense of being loved and maybe become once again the center of attention!