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My name is Champion and my story is a sad one.  I’m a 5 yr old Maltese mix who was taken in by Sophie’s Dog Adoption just in time or the landlord was sending me to Berger Blanc.

You see, my mom was an elderly lady, not in the best of shape, but she did all she could for me. She sure took me out often for walks and loved me very much. She took me on the bus to go see Grandma, bought little treats and stuff when she could, but was on a low income and not well.  She spoiled me and fed me only soft food so my teeth need a good cleaning which hopefully I will get soon.

Long story short, she fell, fractured her skull and ended up in the hospital.  After three days, it was obvious she was not coming home and I was all alone.  It wasn’t long before the hospital decided she could no longer live alone and was going to be placed, never to return home.  So a good neighbor went to Sophie to ask that she take me in.

I don’t know any commands it seems but I’m no trouble-maker. I’m good with other dogs and cats, even birds, I lived with both a cat and a lovebird.  I’m a little  skittish at first with people when it comes to touching me especially. You need to give me a chance to get to know you first.

I was a lap dog and great company for my old mom. I sure miss my life with her but I’m hoping to find a new forever loving home for myself soon. I like a quiet home with a lot of love and stability.


It’s me again, I’m back from my in-between foster home and Sophie hasn’t found another one yet. So I’m on my way to the dog contest event with the gang and hope that I catch someones eye and find a foster home today, or I’ll be going back to Sophie’s with the gang.

Update: Well today was quite a day, before arriving at the dog contest event and seconds after that picture of me sticking my head out the window was snapped, I jumped out and even though I was tied in the car my collar snapped and I found my self running in the middle lane of highway 40. Two lanes of traffic came to a stop and thankfully a dog friendly trucker directly behind Sophie, got out and grabbed me before I was squished on the road. He called me a real little stunt dog.

Unfortunately, that little stunt did not land me into a new foster home. So please, please be kind-hearted and give me a stable foster home until I find the family who will love me forever.