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Lola Valentine

My name is Lola, but I have been renamed Lola Valentine, as I arrived at Sophie’s Dog Adoption on Valentine’s Day. I am just under a year old, and already looking for a new home. I am a petite Boston Terrier, a girl with beautiful long legs!

I was living with 3 young kids, 2 obnoxious dogs and lots of stress in the house. I became very skittish, but part of it is probably due to my being “sold” at the age of only 6 weeks. So I lacked all the good stuff my siblings and mom would have taught me, and growing up in the middle of all the chaos, only made me become very insecure.

I will be working on becoming an independent, secure little girl. I should make progress in no time and become a wonderful companion.


My name is Bill, and I am a 2 year old Miniature Pinscher/Boston Terrier. I am a bit bigger than a Pinscher, but smaller than a Boston, so in between the two.

I am very skittish, but very friendly once I get to know you. I am a nervous little guy, so I will need someone with patience and who can give me structure so I become a stable and social dog. I am clean in the house, but have a hard time staying alone right now. I need to learn that someone comes home, right now I cry a lot when alone.

I am great with kids, other dogs and good with cats. I would be a good companion for a family, a single person or a couple.


Miles is my name, but you wouldn’t want to walk in my shoes. At 4 months old I’m already walking towards a new life. I’m one of those sad souls who had a bad start. Born in a puppymill, sent to a petshop at about 4 weeks old, purchased by a family at the age of 6 weeks old and now at 4 months they’ve given up on me.

Instead of being a happy go lucky puppy, I arrived terrified of humans and everything around me. I’ve already learned to use my teeth when I’m scared, I’ve already gone hungry so I’ve got some food aggression and I haven’t yet figured out that I don’t have to poo where I sleep.

Bad puppy, you say? Not my fault I say! But I’m confident that with the right family I can learn to become a very well adjusted, well socialized, housetrained and wonderful little guy.

I’m cute, but I’m not for a novice. I don’t wanna spend my life looking for the right home, this next one has to be my forever home.

Rocky 4

Rocky 4, that’s me! They say I’m a Boston Terrier but Sophie thinks I may be mixed. I have blue eyes and my face is totally white. Maybe some Frenchie?

I’m about two years old and quite high energy, which is why I’m already on at least my third home at such a young age. I still need to get neutered, which will be done soon, and hopefully that will settle me down a little bit. Right now I’m very annoying to other dogs as I want to dominate everyone, a lot of it is hormonal.

I’m good with cats, even though curious, but could learn to live with them as I’ve been exposed to many.


They call me Mikko! But they should call me Little Devil. Cute as a button, a face to make you melt but a personality that wants to rip you apart. What am I you ask? A Boston Terrier puppy who’s not even four months old, but I had a bad start.

I was purchased on the Internet by a young couple who believed they were going to a breeder. But as is the norm in Quebec “breeders” get rid of us as soon as we eat solid food, which is five weeks old.

So here I was separated from my Mom, Dad and siblings and went to my new home where it didn’t take long that I became the boss. Being as cute as I am they just couldn’t “discipline” so they hired some trainers, two of them, and neither one knew anything about how to raise an orphan puppy.


I have been named Bozo by the SPCA who picked me up as a stray. Yup, a stray. I am assumed to be between 6-8 years old, and am healthy but do have calcium deposits on my eyes, which causes me not to see so well.

I am a BIG boy, weighing in at about 36 lbs, but a very mellow and friendly guy. I love going for walks, I get along fine with other dogs, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon as well.

I would do very well in most any family, as I love just about everyone.


I have been named Esso. I am a 7 year old Boston/Lhasa Apso X and sweet as can be. Short-legged, but big on personality, I will charm your heart.

I am housetrained, good with kids, other dogs, cats and basically love people. I am not a big barker and can stay alone without getting in trouble.

I am a runner, I have been found as a stray and not claimed, which is how I ended up with Sophie’s Dog Adoption. The minute you open the door, I’m out! So I’m looking for someone who will teach me to not bolt, or at least be able to keep a good eye on me!

Toto Spenser

My name was Toto, but the foster home didn’t like it and called me Spenser, so I’m now known as Toto Spenser!

I am a 1 year old Boston Terrier, the sweetest thing you’ve ever met. Loveable, huggable, kissable, and very mellow. Not your typical hyper Boston, I am the perfect little companion for anyone. I love everyone including kids, and love all critters: dogs, cats, ferrets, anything and anyone.

I can stay alone during the day, am housetrained, not a barker and just perfect.