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I have been named Esso. I am a 7 year old Boston/Lhasa Apso X and sweet as can be. Short-legged, but big on personality, I will charm your heart.

I am housetrained, good with kids, other dogs, cats and basically love people. I am not a big barker and can stay alone without getting in trouble.

I am a runner, I have been found as a stray and not claimed, which is how I ended up with Sophie’s Dog Adoption. The minute you open the door, I’m out! So I’m looking for someone who will teach me to not bolt, or at least be able to keep a good eye on me!

Toto Spenser

My name was Toto, but the foster home didn’t like it and called me Spenser, so I’m now known as Toto Spenser!

I am a 1 year old Boston Terrier, the sweetest thing you’ve ever met. Loveable, huggable, kissable, and very mellow. Not your typical hyper Boston, I am the perfect little companion for anyone. I love everyone including kids, and love all critters: dogs, cats, ferrets, anything and anyone.

I can stay alone during the day, am housetrained, not a barker and just perfect.


My name is Mazia, and I am a wonderful 7 year old Boston Terrier female. I am looking for my 3rd home already, and want this one to be my last.

I can stay alone during the day, get along great with other dogs, fully housetrained. Basically, I am a perfect girl. I do have one little thing: I am BALL CRAZY. So I will need someone who will be able to work on this with me, as it will drive you nuts!

Peanut 3

My name is Peanut 3, I am a 15 month old Boston Terrier who DOES NOT LIKE other dogs!

I am already on my 3rd home, and really looking forward to settling down in my final home. I am looking for a home with no other dogs, and no cats. Because I can be so aggressive with other dogs, it would be preferable not to put me in a family with little children… You never know!

I am clean in the house, can stay alone without getting myself in trouble and in general a friendly little guy. I am not crazy about men, but with time and stability, I will stop being afraid of them.