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Hello there, my name is Rayko. I’m one of 7 puppies rescued with their mother after being abandoned in a storage unit!

My mum (Sunshine) and my foster mom are working with me to make me a happy, social and well behaved little boy. I get to go for lots of walks but my foster mom can barely make it down the street without people wanting to pet me! They tell me I’m very cute and are very impressed with my docile and friendly nature. I have a soft, healthy, beautiful tan coat with a dark muzzle. My toes and the tip of my tail are white.

I love napping and cuddling and chasing leaves when they blow in the wind.

I’m 2.5 months old now and ready to settle down. What I really want is to be a part of a family as loving as I am and a place to call home.

Rayann & Raylen

I’m Raylen, the biggest pup (already 20lbs) and my sister Rayann is the smallest one (only 14lbs), all our siblings are in the middle. Both of us are still looking for homes and both of us look a lot like Mom, Rayann even has that white line on her nose like Mom and our brother Rayven.

We have been together since we were born and left Mom about three weeks ago so we’re very well adjusted and socialized. We’re now ready to be split up and find some wonderful homes and hopefully see each other once a year at Sophie’s reunion.

It’s hard to say how big we’ll get but by the looks of things I expect to be about 90lbs and little sis should remain petite like Mom, probably around 60lbs.

If you want to give us a new life, a forever home, contact Sophie at (514) 523-5052 or info@sophiesdogadoption.com

You can see more pictures of us taken by our foster home on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=206006&id=513633945&l=2c378c469d


Two down five to go. I’m Raymond, the second one of Sunshine’s 7 Rays to get officially adopted. I went to my new home tonight where my playmates are three cats a one, three and twenty year old cats. The two younger cats should enjoy playing with me, just hope the old one is not going to be grumpy in whack me to much.

Now I’m hoping my sister Raynelle will be the next one to be adopted as she is now left all by herself.

Raymond & Raynelle

Raymond & Raynelle back at Sophie’s until someone can take us in. We spent two days with someone who started teaching us stairs, going outside and we’re attempting walking on a leash.

We’re both growing, are becoming very playful but that also means we are becoming a handful. Ideally we would still need to be fostered together, unless two foster homes with adult dogs who can teach us the ropes could be good as well.

Raymond & Raynelle

Hello big world! We are Raymond and Raynelle, also referred to as the “twins” by Sophie. We are the only two of the seven Rays still looking for a temporary foster home together. We have been at Sophie’s since Saturday but someone is taking us for a few days to give her a break.

We are cute as a button, Raymond weighs around 12lbs and Raynelle about 9lbs and we are only eight weeks old.

We are hoping to find a foster home by Saturday who can keep us together two or three weeks.

Sunshine & The 7 Rays

Today was a rainy day, but me Sunshine and four of my little Rays came back to Montreal and brightened up Sophie’s day. I am looking beautiful, have gained weight and finally look healthy. My puppies are growing really well and have gotten quite big already.

They are about eight weeks old and the five of us came back to start the next phase, new foster homes.

Raylee is staying up in Ste-Adele to be fostered with the family dogs and possibly adopted.

Rayann and Raylen have arrived in Montreal a few days ago and are being fostered by our first foster home, who is thinking of adopting Rayann.

Rayven is being fostered in a home who adopted a wonderful Pitbull a few years back from Sophie’s Dog Adoption, and is looking to possibly adopt him as well.

Rayko and my self (Sunshine) are being fostered by someone with no pets, so I’m the one who will be socializing him and teaching him good dog behavior. The talk is that I could be “the one” for my foster mom so my goal is to be the best possible dog she will ever meet in hopes that she will adopt me and my search for a home will end there.

So here is the status update: Rayko, who is with me, is looking for a permanent home as well as Raylen who is being fostered with his sister (Rayann).

My little ones still in limbo are Raynelle and Raymond. Those two most probably take after dad or his side of the family, as they are the only two that are white and brindled. They they are the only two still in need of a foster home (together) as they are stuck at Sophie’s until then. It’s a good place, but not the right environment for my two little darlings as Ginger, Little Sue and Taco (her grumpy old Chihuahua) are never nice to puppies. Boy is quite pleased with their arrival, but I’m not sure that I really want him to be a father figure and teach them socialization and good dog behavior. So please come through for my little angles and offer them a roof over their heads so they don’t turn into a “Boy” or “Ginger”.


Well it looks like I’m not going to a new home after all. The lady who spent the afternoon with me on Saturday and was so excited of the possibility of me moving in my the end of this week, e-mailed Sophie the next day saying that after thinking about it, is no longer ready to adopt a dog.

So I’m in a new foster home, once again hoping that someone will want to give me that forever home. In case you already forgot, I am a really great dog who is good with kids, cats and other dogs.

Bella 4

My name is Bella 4 a Boxer mix and again I’ve changed foster homes due to vacation plans. I went to the dog contest event in hopes that a permanent family would see me and fall in love, unfortunately because of my size and looks people thought I was intimidating so I had to stay out of the park. That means nobody got to see how truly sweet, gentle, playful and affectionate I really am.

I’ve been around since May and feel I’m ready to become a member of someones family.

Sunshine and the 7 Rays

I’m Sunshine the young mom who was found with my 7 newborn puppies. My little Rays are almost seven weeks old and are now quite active, they are huge and have become quite a handful and are driving me and my foster mom crazy.

We are now looking for foster homes who can take my little ones in pairs, as it is too much for one person to handle all seven. This will help with their socialization until they are old enough to leave the nest for good.

I have four boys: Rayko, Raymond, Raylen, Rayven and three girls: Raylee, Raynelle, Rayann and they are all absolutely gorgeous.

You can see more pictures of the puppies taken from their foster homes on Facebook.

Raynelle – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=232240&id=596363499&l=36d0f374a9

Rayann & Raylen – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=206006&id=513633945&l=2c378c469d