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Maya 4

My name is Maya 4, and my story is one of absolute luck and fate! I was being brought in at the Vet’s office by an ‘acquaintance’ to be euthanized as I ‘may have cancer’, and Sophie was there!

She noticed me the minute I walked through the door as I have very special Pug eyes (big and googly!). She started talking to the man bringing me in about my funny looking face, and was told I was here to be put down! After talking to the guy for a while, Sophie and him decided I was going to live despite what my family wanted. So he called my family and explained I was being rescued, and off I went.

Sophie called my family, no one had even taken me to a vet. There is no cancer, just some bladder stones which are causing some bleeding in the urine. I’m on meds, special food, and in a month we’ll see where we stand and Sophie will have me operated on if need be!

Seriously! I love life, I’m absolutely gorgeous, funny looking, have a beautiful coat, and a wonderful personality.

If you are looking for a 40 lb (I need to lose a few pounds), mellow, affectionate Cocker Spaniel, than I’m the one you’ve been waiting for!


My name is Coco. I am a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel who is looking for a new home because my family had twins recently, and I really DO NOT like kids.

I am a very nervous dog, which makes me a bit of a fear biter, and with babies around, I will only get more and more nervous and anxious. I have been to many trainers, and my family was told that my character is not to be aggressive, I am just a fearful dog. I have also become the alpha male of the house, as my family spoiled me and weren’t assertive enough with me.

I was housetrained by 2 months and have never had an accident in the house. I do not chew on anything in the house, I am extremely clean in terms of doing poo and pipi outside. I am a very healthy dog, was well taken care of in terms of vet care and vaccines, I have also taken a blood test every 2 years to make sure I was healthy. I have always been fed with natural food containing no fillers, and I am used to greenies for snacks. I am little bit overweight, but very common with my breed, so I will need to keep fit by exercising and watching my diet.

I am highly trainable, and good with learning obedience commands. I know sit, lie down, go pipi, go for a walk, go outside, would you like a snack etc…

I am a wonderful, extremely smart and and very loving dog most of the time. I also a very beautiful dog, I get compliments from people all the time.

I recently went to a trainer again, and he said I will never be good with kids. I can be trained but will never be able to be trusted around kids. That is the sad reason my family has to give me up. They are very saddened, but know it is for the best of the kids.


Today Sophie got multiple calls about a lost dog and she is really hoping to reunite him with his family who is devastated.

Yesterday morning a 2 and a half year old Cocker Spaniel named Chestnut got lost running from Mountain Sights towards Powell street in TMR. He slipped out of his collar therefore has nothing around his neck and is a very frightened, fearful dog. Because of his fear he could easily bite if you approach him or grab him, so the best thing to do if you see him is try to lure him into an enclosed area such as a yard, inside a car, and enclosed porch and keep him there until someone can pick him up.

He will come towards other dogs in a friendly way so this could be a way to lure him back to your backyard or house and call to have someone pick him up.

If found or spotted, call Sophie at 514-998-7830 leaving a detailed message (if you do not reach anyone) and arrangements will be made to pick him up within the hour. There is a $1,000 dollar reward for his return.

Max 6

My name is Max 6. I am a Cocker Spaniel mix, and born in September 08. I am a pup, so already looking for a new home.

I am great with kids, good with cats and other dogs. I need some work on housetraining, but I am still very young.

There is not much more to say other than I am a puppy so if you are looking to adopt me, get ready! Having a puppy is at least one year of work in order to make us good canine citizens!


My name is Cassie, and I am a sweet little girl. I am a Cocker Spaniel, and estimated to be about 7 years old. I was found as a stray, and then put on death row as I am too old for some shelter’s standards.

I may be 7 years old, but I still have lots of life, love and adventure left in me!

I am very affectionate and love to be around people. I do cry a bit when left alone, but I am not sure what is happening. I am hoping to have a great home for the rest of my life, maybe even with someone who might be home a lot.

Gucci 4

My name is Gucci 4, and believe it or not, I was literally invited to walk out the front door and never return, along with my brother.

The person who found us found my brother a home, but I am still looking. I am 2 years old, always lived in the same home until they decided dogs were no longer wanted in their lives.

I am great with kids, cats, other dogs, clean in the house, can stay alone, but I do not know how to walk very well on a leash. I am overweight, and didn’t do much exercise, so I have some pounds to lose.