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I am Tatoo, a 6 year old Jack Russell who originally came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption at the age of 2.  I was obese and very mellow, but with time I lost so much weight that I became a typical, high energy Jack Russell.  So as you can imagine, it took some time before I found my home.

Eventually, I went to live with a young man who suffered from mental health issues and I became the best therapy for him.  I have changed his life in many  many positive ways, but I always had a love of food and could get grumpy if I didn’t get “enough”.  So this nice man gave in….. and the weight is back on.

Unfortunately here we are 4 years later, and my dad is not well right now, and I have become a bit of a challenge for him on leash, as many people let their dogs come up and sniff me, and I don’t care for that.  This problem led to some arguments on the streets with other dog owners, and my dad is becoming very insecure of getting himself in trouble over the fact that he tries to stand up for me.    So he called  Sophie back knowing that she would be able to find me a new forever home where my needs would be met.  So, here I am waiting for that perfect new home to come find me.

I have developed some minor issues but nothing that an experienced dog lover can’t correct. A bit of resource guarding and some leash aggression. I’ll be receiving some training under Sophie’s care and will surely find balance again in no time.

Patch 3

My name is Patch 3 and this is my story: I’m a Jack Russel mix (maybe Beagle) born July 2009 and sold in September of 09. 7 months later (April 2010) I was sold again, this time to be a 12 year old’s gift. Great idea, two athletic boys to keep me busy… Two athletic boys who are on hockey teams, soccer teams, and involved with lots of after school activities… Result? I’m left in a cage up to 12 hours a day, and nobody has time for me.

So here we are April 2011, I’m now going on 2 and looking for what I hope to be my final home. You have to know that even tough I’m not a high energy dog, I do have some Jack Russel, maybe some Beagle, and require a certain amount of exercise and activity for us to be a happy family.

I am fully house trained, okay with most dogs, but having never been socialized with them some dogs intimidate me and I don’t necessarily react well. However I’m making progress as I am now getting out in the world. Sophie thinks I can be a great family dog, I love kids and I am very cuddly and affectionate.

Ideally I’m looking for someone who will exercise me by either biking, hiking, jogging, rollerblading or someone with a couple of teenagers who will throw a frisbee around, play fetch and get me running. Are you that person or family?

Jolly Jumper

It’s Jolly Jumper, and even though I’m a jumper, I will not be bouncing around from place to place as I today I went into one of Sophie’s best foster homes. If I remain as good as I have been at Sophie’s and keep getting along well with Henry, my foster buddy, I am almost sure to stay there until I find a permanent family.

So now I’m ready to go the chop-chop shop (to be sterilized) get my vaccines and start a little training to make me into the most wonderful and Jolliest Jumper there is.

My foster home will find out more about my personality and update Sophie so she can find me the perfect match.