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I have been named Gino and I’m a mutt. I’m a five year old male and kind of look like a Doberman & Shepherd mix. But hey, who’s to say for sure?

I spent the last year of my life living in a vacant house, as I kept running back from the new house my family moved to. They figured I like this home, so they just left me there alone. Someone would come let me out twice a day and feed me.

Over that period of time I became more withdrawn and I’m now a little nervous around new people. However, I’m very friendly, playful and very willing to learn whatever you will want to teach me.

It seems that I originally came from the CSPCA as a puppy, so I’m now looking to have a final and forever home with someone who will truly love me forever.

Dog Contest – Fundraiser

A Big thanks to an amazing twelve year old girl named Sam and her cousin Maria, for organizing the dog contest fundraiser event held today, which was a success.

There was agility, talent and beauty contest. First prize went to Chief, a Husky, second place went to Angel, a Maltese and third prize went to Penny, a Poodle.

A total of $184 was collected for Sophie’s Dog Adoption. We thank all the participants for making it such a fun day.