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I’ve been named Pip by my foster home because I’m really small, basicly I’m a pipsqueak. I’m a young miniature pinscher and the story goes that I was found as a stray. However because of who “found” me, Sophie strongly suspects that I’m related to Celina and Melina as well as Minnie. Those three (previously adopted), all came from the same source as the one who found me.

I’m no more than two years old, very tiny, fully house trained but quite afraid of the big world. I’m living with Mr. Big right now and I have to say he’s intimidating. My experience with other dogs seems very limited.

I would be great for a family, very gentle, loving and ready for that new life.



Hi there everybody! I’m Prince AKA Prince Pin. I’m only 5 yrs old and already looking for my new forever home. I’m a very sweet boy. Typical to my breed, I’m a happy go lucky energetic little fellow but I’m also obedient and love to snuggle with you. I get along very well with other dogs and cats. I’m not a barker, I’m house-trained and crate-trained and I know my basic commands in French (Viens, assis, couche, reste).

I tend to be very unsure around new people when I first meet them but I warm up to them quickly if they just let me come to them when I’m ready. I’m not at all aggressive. I just back off and cower a little if you approach me but if you insist and try to pick me up, then I will bite. You can have your friends give me a little treat to help me along. That always gets my attention. ;)

I walk best with a harness on a short leash. I can stay home alone. I love car rides and back rubs. I have the cutest little under-bite and very expressive eyes. As adorable as I am, I must receive regular exercise and structure so please no treating me like a spoiled pooch. I look to you for leadership first and foremost.


My name is Souris, and when I was given up (along with Valentine the Pug), my mom said I was tiny!!  When Sophie got there to pick me up, she saw a very pudgy Chihuahua/MinPin mix.  I should probably weigh about 10 lbs or so, right now I’m much more, but losing the pounds weekly!

I am a very sweet girl, 3 years old, and it seems I was the boss at my old house, here…. not so.  I am quite skittish, but absolutely no aggression.

I was trained on pee-pee pads so we’re working on learning outside and I’m learning pretty fast.

I would do well with pretty much any type of person or family, right now I am so insecure and scared of everyone, all I need is someone Alpha who will teach me to feel secure, independent and really enjoy all that life has to offer.  Can you be that person or family?


I am Celina, I was born on July 15, 2011 and came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption just before Christmas, with my sister Melina and my dad, Edward. Dad is a Toy Manchester Terrier, but our mom was a Miniature Pinscher. Mom unfortunately died shortly after giving birth to us girls, but now my aunt Minnie is also with Sophie’s Dog Adoption looking for a new home. Both dad and my sister have been adopted, but I am still waiting for my turn for that special family to call mine.

I remained very tiny, 5lbs, and will not get much bigger. I arrived in winter, so going outside was out of the question for me! But, I did learn to go on pee-pee pads, and since Spring has arrived, I’m actually getting the hint of doing my business outside.

I love my big dog foster brother, love to hang on his back, so a home with a large dog will not bother me. I am quite mellow, sweet and affectionate once I know you, but not necessarily ready to let everyone and anyone pick me up just because they think “I’m adorable”.

I would absolutely love to find a home before my first birthday, so please consider me if you’re looking for a tiny, cute and sweet little girl to add to your family!


I’m Minnie, and I am a darling little Miniature Pinscher female. I guess they named me Minnie because of my big mouse ears!

I’ve already had 2 homes at the age of 2, yours will be my 3rd and hopefully my last home. I was slightly mistreated by very young kids, so not too crazy about them. I would do much better with older kids, no kids, or very respectful and mellow kids.

I am a little shy and skittish at first, but once I get to know you, I’m very eager to be your friend. I was somewhat pee-pee pad trained, but for the last year have also been going out and have learned quite well that’s when I should do my business! Basically, I’m a very smart girl!

With some training, structure, exercise and discipline, I will be a wonderful Min-Pin. Not like some of them you meet down the street, literally walking on their back legs trying to munch people’s ankles. That’s not going to be me if you help me along. Right now I like to bark at people I meet, but I’m already learning that’s not cool.

Can you be the one to love me forever?


So I’m Rocket and I’ve been held hostage by two previous foster homes in the last year, resulting in two “adoptions” by these “captors” in order to protect me from these people who where not capable of adhering to the conditions of Sophie’s adoption process, giving her that right to reclaim me once these people, “as she knew would happen” are unable to properly care for me.

My first foster dad, Robert, refused to let me go to the family Sophie had approved, hence refusing to let me go, so after many attempts from Sophie she decided to make him sing a contract and finalize the “adoption”. He had no money and was making “payments”, but before my “adoption” fee could be paid off, Robert had lost his apartment and was literally out on the street. He called Sophie to see if she could take me back for a couple of weeks until he got himself “together”. She immediately jumped on the opportunity as it was obvious he could not properly care for me. (He also had another dog). Months went by, she never heard from him, and one day after being on the News because he was losing yet again his home, he started making threats to Sophie about claiming she had stolen me from him. Of course she won as only my interest is what matters to her.

Now comes Jude, a new foster home. Sophie finds me the perfect home (remember I’m a typical Min Pin – for Min Pin lovers only), but Jude refused to let me go to this family because they had jobs and work during the day. I have absolutely no problems staying home alone, but Jude is of the opinion that dogs should always have someone with them. You see he doesn’t work, but not everyone has that privilege. So once again my foster dad wont release me and insists on keeping me because he feels that he’s the only good home for me.

Sophie figures “here we go again”. She attempted by all possible means to make Jude release me, but he wouldn’t. So she decided to once again let him finalize my “adoption” with a contract as she knew I was not the right dog for him and this was the only way to protect me once again from ending up at pound.

This was December 2010. By March 2011, Jude was emailing Sophie complaining about how annoying I was and how I disrupted the dynamics of the household (two other dogs), and even though he kind of liked me, he really hated me more and wasn’t sure that he wanted to keep me. He wanted to find me an “appropriate home” but as per the contract only Sophie can do that. He signed the contract, yet he didn’t want to comply to it by returning me to Sophie’s Dog Adoption, yet he didn’t love me as per one of the conditions of the contract.

As time went on, he hated more and more and asked Sophie to take me back for a week or two until he decided if he wanted to keep me or not. What do you think Sophie said? This was her way to get me back once again from this “captor” and agreed to “take me in”. Weeks went by, no one heard from Jude, we all thought I was a “done deal” and that he had washed his hands of me. But surprise! A couple of emails, couple of phone calls, couple of threats and then… The police… Jude claims she kidnapped me.

So this time around she will not sign a contract with a family that is not fully committed to loving me and providing me with the best of homes. That means you must know, love, and appreciate the typical Min Pin, as that is what I am. Loving, endearing, funny, cuddly, but jumpy, barky, excitable, and as people say “annoying”, that’s the typical Min Pin!

I’m only two years old, (well maybe 3 by now), and It’s time I find true love.