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Well I’m back with my original foster mom for a while, but I’m still looking. She agreed to take me out of Sophie’s place, mostly to help her out and to also give me a chance to reduce my stress as well as give me somewhat of a normal life. Being at Sophie’s is ok, but it’s taking it’s toll on me as she has very little time.

However my foster mom now lives in a very small apartment and I have to share it with the two cats. The place is so tiny that stretching out means taking up half the floor space, plus she lives in a very dog friendly building and with my leash aggression problem it may be a daily challenge for her when we encounter the neighbor dogs.

So if someone else with a bigger space, less dogs around and time to walk me regularly can come through for me it would be good for the both of us.

Boy & Ginger

Here I am again, the Boy who’s still hoping to find that foster home. Last night started really well. With my new clean look and friendly attitude with the gang, Sophie decided to take me along for a friendly little family snack and then playtime at the park with Little Sue, Ginger and Rocket who’s spending the weekend with us.

We all went and shared fries on a terrace and it was wonderful, we all sat nicely together waiting our turn for a fry. Sophie was really proud of me sharing food next to Ginger and Little Sue, without a muzzle, as I never even showed a tooth to either of them.

Later on we picked up Rocket and all headed off to the dog park in Old Montreal, figuring it would be empty at that time. We got there and in fact were all alone, so we all entered the park (without my muzzle on) and were having a blast.

Ginger, for those who don’t know her, is Rick’s (Sophie’s son) little “Witchihuahua”. She is the most adorable little thing, about the size of my nose, and the most vicious little dog anyone has ever met. She showed me teeth, she’s lunged at me, she crinkled up her whole face at me again and again, yet I like the little thing.

Rick left to get a ball from the car to throw around, but left his little Princess with all of us at the park. You have to know that she sticks to him like glue. So here we were trotting, sniffing, playing, Little Sue and Rocket were being themselves (macho little dudes) and I was just doing my thing, enjoying the park, but made the huge mistake of sniffing Miss Ginger’s butt, and that totally insulted her.

She turned around and crinkled up that little face to show me her teeth and walked away. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to follow her to see what she was really all about. I think she forgot who I was, saw a Yeti coming after her in her mind, and started running and screeching like a bat out of hell (kind of like that little white dog at the park the other night).

So just like that night, I started chasing her all around the park, Little Sue and Rocket got into the action acting like “Macho Man” and that freaked her out even more. She spotted Rick coming back to the park and made the mistake of running up to the fence, stopping there as though her savior had just arrived. Well, that gave me the upper hand and having no hands, I grabbed her with my mouth. She wouldn’t stop squawking while I was trying to get her to submit, so once Sophie got her out of my mouth, I had made a little puncture wound on her inner thigh.

Obviously, being the little actress that she is, she limped and squawked all the way to her daddy. She played the “broken dog routine” all night but after disinfecting and cleaning her boo boo up, she proved to be a very good actress. She pouted and wouldn’t let anyone near her that night (including Rick), took over his room for the night and basically played little martyr.

Guess what! Today she was jumping around for fries. So I’m not sure that we will be friends again, but I would like to. I really like that little thing. I’m really not a bad guy, I hope she will save me a fry as I’m usually in my room or on the balcony, separated from the gang, still waiting for a foster home that will share food with me.


I feel like a million bucks. This is Boy, the big hairy boy. Sophie took me to the do-it-yourself grooming place to wash, brush and detangle all that wiry orange hair that covers me from head to toe. It took almost two full hours but I am absolutely stunning and no longer smell like a dog. By the way, I only weight 90lbs. So later in the day, feeling fresh and clean, she decided to see how I really do with other dogs since I am known to have leash aggression.

She took me to a quiet dog park which had only a handful of dogs present (of course muzzled and with the permission of the people who were in the park with their dogs at that time). It turned out surprisingly well.

Here is how it went down: when I got out of the car in front of the park, of course I reacted as the dogs from the park all ran to the fence to check me out.

Sophie had to control me and make me settle down, which can be a bit of a challenge, but doable. I the went into the park and started having a good old time running, chasing, playing, sniffing etc… but one little dog got really scared of me and started running around, screeching at the top of his lungs, which got all the dogs to come and see what was going on.

A protective Shepherd came around to protect his little buddy and put his paw over me, looking to dominate me. Since I was muzzled, Sophie decided it was time to leave as I had no defense if the rest of the pack teamed up on me.

The results, as per Sophie’s observations to my body language and reaction, were successful. Of course more sessions will be needed, but from the get-go, she was pretty sure that I have no real aggression, I just over react on leash when I see another dog.


My name is Boy. I am a sweet 7 year old dog who has lived a life tied to a dog house outdoors, and once my family decided I was ready to throw away and get a new puppy, some wonderful lady took me in to save my life. My breed has been a total guess, some said a mixture of Rotweiler/ChowChow, some said maybe Bouvier des Flandres/ChowChow, but after being with Sophie’s Dog adoption for several months, there is a good possibility I could be some kind of Otterhound mix. I have the characteristics and temperament, so it could very well be.

I have proven to be very good with the kids, but I can get excitable with excited, young kids, and huge dogs with little kids don’t usually mix too well. I am great with people, but have some ‘leash aggression’ when I meet other dogs. When off leash, it can go well, or it can go not so well. I definitely need someone who can work with me on socialization with other dogs, or keep me away from them.

I looooove the indoors. This family who took me in really showed me the life! I don’t ever want to end up outside again, even though I am big and hairy, I am no Bigfoot! I don’t belong outdoors, I am a big Teddy Bear who will keep you warm at night if you’ll let me!

I am a very good boy, I can stay alone during the day, am not destructive, of course due to my age not high-energy, but always willing to go with you. I love car rides, even if it’s to go to the corner store. But it’s always better to walk me there as I don’t like my nails being clipped, so I need to trim them by walking regularly.

I also love playing fetch, so someone who wants to spend some time throwing a ball around with me would keep me in shape.