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Shadow – Paws for Life

Sophie’s Dog Adoption is tired of rescuing people from the clutches of Paws for Life. Since Melissa Di Stefano has started her lucrative business of reselling dogs from pounds and or puppies from puppymills under the name of Paws for Life almost three years ago, Sophie has been receiving calls from frantic people whose hearts went out to these “dogs on death row” that she has posted all over the net.

The problem these people face is they are getting a dog directly from unknown pounds whom absolutely no one knows anything about, have not been seen by a vet and many have parasites and some end up having behavioral issues that these people don’t know how to deal with.

Unfortunately, despite their numerous attempts to reach Melissa and or her staff / volunteers, they either get no response for weeks at a time or are told to tough it out until… And that’s where it usually ends until they call Sophie to the rescue.

Shadow is another perfect example, the woman who is stuck with this dog and has asked Sophie for help is now receiving threats from Melissa that they will charge her with theft if she does not KEEP this dog (in heat, very dominant, and very intimidating for this poor woman who is totally inexperienced).

Any suggestions from anyone out there to help with this particular situation is welcomed.

Shadow has been with this woman for a month now with no help from Paws for Life. Sophie went over to bring her a crate, toys, food and a decent leash as none was supplied.

This Paws for Life dog is a Weimaraner mix according to them. :D

Update: Further to an email from Shadow’s foster home to Paws for Life demanding that Shadow be picked up at 6pm tonight or else she would be surrendered to Sophie’s Dog Adoption by 6:30pm, we are happy to say that Paws for Life took their responsibility seriously and actually sent a couple of guys to pick her up at 6pm. So Shadow is safe and sound in the hands of her rescuers, Paws for Life.

Update 2: Following the post about Shadow – Paws for Life, Melissa has decided to take legal action against Sophie for alleged defamation and derogatory comments concerning her business practices.

The post and comments will not be removed…

Update 3: Sophie’s reply.