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My name is Mowgli, and I am a tiny Chocolate Poodle. I am 5 years old, and was originally purchased by a young girl who spoiled me. I am cute and it is hard to resist me, so a bit like my buddy Henry II, I was over spoiled and ruled my house. So I became very protective of my house. Big family, lots of activity and spoiled little me. Now my mom is going to school in the US, and the chance of a lawsuit was too big for her to even consider taking me, as I have been known to bite anyone I don’t like.

So I’m at Sophie’s, also learning to become a well-socialized, well-behaved, friendly and happy poodle, but I have a lot of insecurities so Sophie thinks it will take me a lot of structure. Basically my old life is in the past, and a new one is ahead. I am not a good candidate for someone with young kids or planning on kids, I have used my teeth a few times and being a nervous little guy, you never know.

So if you’re looking to take in a drop-out and teach me from scratch what life is about, then I’m the guy for you. I’m only about 7-8 lbs, cute as a button, a charming personality once you get to know me and I allow you into my life. Think about it, I’m certainly for poodle lovers with patience and structure, but not a cute dude for just anyone!

Charlie 7

My name is  Charlie and now that I am at Sophie’s Dog Adoption, I am known as Charlie 7. As you can see I have quite a popular name,  but obviously you can rename me with something more original. Us dogs, we learn so fast, you’ll be amazed.  In 2 days I’ll answer to a new name. I’m about 4 years old and love life. I hope to find a home where I will live way into my teens!

You see, I lived with a mom and dad, and 3 wonderful kids.  I also had a Pitbull sister and we all enjoyed life in a home with a yard, and just lots of love.  But mom got sick, very sick, and in the end mom and dad lost the house and dad and the kids had to move while mom was in the hospital.  It was sad for everyone, Sophie even felt really sad for my family.  She knew I would have a wonderful life to come, but it looked rather bleek for my old family. So I hope to find that same comfort with a new home.

I’m a very sweet boy with a lot of love to give. I got shaved for the hot summer months, as you can see on my photo, but when I arrived I had a beautiful curly coat.  I’m supposed to be a Yorkshire, but I weigh about 15 lbs and have poodly hair!  What Sophie calls a “doodle thing” .  You will see once my hair grows back, but I warn you, to keep it nice you have to brush and groom!

Adopt me and you will never regret making me a member of your family!  I will love you forever.


I’ve been named Darwin, as my old name really didn’t suit me. I’m a 6 year old miniature Poodle, quiet and very sweet.

I am looking for a new home for the typical reason, new boyfriend doesn’t like the poodle, out he goes. Luckily I landed at Sophie’s Dog Adoption so I know I will find the right home and hopefully this one will be forever.

I get along great with dogs, probably with cats as I am rather mellow and totally non-aggressive. I am clean in the house, can stay alone, and could probably make a wonderful therapy dog as well. I am very affectionate, loving and friendly and can’t wait for my new home to find me!


I’m little Georgi, a six year old male, Maltese / Poodle mix and slightly overweight at the moment. Sadly, my old Mom recently passed away and Dad, being devastated by the events, has gone to live with family members.

I was always with them, but now that there is not always someone with me I became a little anxious. Life has become to stressful for the family members so they called Sophie’s Dog Adoption in hopes of finding me a new home for the rest of my life.

I’m a little shy and nervous around new people but have a very friendly and sweet side once you know me. I had to be shaved down because of a lack of regular brushing, but my hair will grow in somewhat curly.


Mia was born August 18th 2011 a Boxer / Poodle Mix. Mia had sat in the pet shop since she was 8 weeks old. Her former owners had good attention when they bought her but didn’t realize how much responsibility getting a puppy would be so now she must find her forever home.

Like any puppy Mia will need some training and is not fully house broken but she getting better. She is very playful and loving, even likes to sit on your lap the best she can even though she’s bit of a big girl. Mia rarely barks and is amazing with kids, She would be best in a home that can handle her high energy and will put in the time needed.


Bijou – Isn’t that jewelery? A year ago I was purchased like someone would purchase a necklace, I was named Bijou, paraded around like the cute little Poodle that I was, and now that I’m a year old I’m no longer a novelty.

I’m cute, friendly, petite but tall and kind funny looking. I still have my long tail and even though I was black at birth I am now a light shade of grey.

I’m very shy, quiet and make myself discreet but with the right family I should come out of my shell and become a playful little guy in no time.

All I want is love, but keep in mind that Poodles can live quite old. My dream is to have only one home for the rest of my life.


This is my new look, shaved from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail. And the alien cone on my head is so I don’t chew myself up. You see, I had a problem with my glands and that caused massive irritation on my butt. It has to heal so I get to wear this stupid thing.

As for the new look, the groomer who did this couldn’t be bothered to detangle and brush at least some of my matted hair and took the easy way out and shaved me right down. Even the tail! Can you believe it? I feel like a rat and I look like one, but as Sophie says it will grow back.

I’m back with Sophie as this little gland problem stressed out my foster home, Sophie couldn’t rush over there as quickly as they would have liked and so took me to the vet. I came home feeling lighter, but continued rubbing my butt as I was irritated. That stressed them out some more so off we went again to the vet. After a lot of try this, try that, try the other, I was sent home with antibiotics, pain killers and hypoallergenic food and that didn’t help. So I went back for a third time and in the end, anti-diarrhea pills were prescribed at that time by an emergency vet and everything else was to be thrown out.

It’s obvious that my foster home was taken advantage of as Sophie has never had a dog that had a gland problem running a $700 bill. It’s sad to see that a majority of vets are as “honest” as car mechanics.


My name is Flossy and I arrived from Beirut in December 2009 and I was adopted almost immediately by a wonderful family with a couple of kids who renamed me Cody. I’m about five years old male and having lived in Lebanon all my life, I grew up to be a nervous dog.

Even though this new life in Montreal has been really wonderful for me, I do have some issues which still leave me very nervous around young kids and despite my new family working with me, things are not getting better and I’m not very accepting of the youngest child nor of children who come to visit. I have snapped a few times and even though I have made some progress I really would do better in a calmer environment with no young children. So I’m once again looking for that home who will truly be the right one as I am a real sweetheart.


I’m JayJay the two year old Poodle, and I’ve been around for about a month already. I’ve been in a foster home since my arrival, but unfortunately I’m now looking for a new one.

The reason has nothing to do with me, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. I’m a great little guy but can be quite barky, as most Poodles are, so a foster home with now immediate neighbors would be best.

Ideally I would need a new place by this week-end or I may end up at Sophie’s with the big Boy who doesn’t like yippie dogs.