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My family was not very original when they named me, I’m a Pug and my name is Puggy!  Yup, you heard right, Puggy!

I ab about 7 years old, and was originally adopted from the SPCA at the age of 2.  I lived with an older gentleman and we had a wonderful life.  However, he got older and passed away, and nobody in the family wanted me.  Why I don’t know, as I really am a sweet dog.  But I guess I was part of the goods that no one wanted.  Sometimes I wish I had been a marble table or crystal chandelier. But hey, that’s life.

So here I am, a little grumpy at times and a dude with character, but nice as can be and a typical pug, with all the grunts and noises.  Of course at my age, future health concerns might be something to think about before deciding I’m the guy for you, as we are known for not being the healthiest as we age.

I get along with other dogs and cats, but I can also be a little bossy with dogs who bug me. My foster home has actually nicknamed me Gino as she thinks I remind her of a Gino – boxer type dude!  My personality will definitely charm you.  So if you think I’m the guy for you, you know what to do.



I was found as a stray back at the end of April 2012, in Pointe St-Charles, and nobody has come forward to claim me as their dog.

I was nicknamed Pudge by the people who found me and brought me to Sophie’s, and the name has stuck.  You see, I was a little pudgy, so I’ve been put on a diet and am doing wonderful.

I am a female, probably about 1-2 years old, very sweet and affectionate, friendly and playful, but don’t know anything other than asking for the door when I need to go to the bathroom (which is the most important thing to know!).  However, I will need some work still on walking on a leash, basic training and just knowing what is expected of me.

I am great with other dogs, cats and would love to be around kids.  I have a little separation anxiety right now but it is getting better, so I will need to remain structured in my new home in order not to regress.

If you think you want to give me a chance, as it is obvious I have been abandoned, please make sure it will be for life.


Miles is my name, but you wouldn’t want to walk in my shoes. At 4 months old I’m already walking towards a new life. I’m one of those sad souls who had a bad start. Born in a puppymill, sent to a petshop at about 4 weeks old, purchased by a family at the age of 6 weeks old and now at 4 months they’ve given up on me.

Instead of being a happy go lucky puppy, I arrived terrified of humans and everything around me. I’ve already learned to use my teeth when I’m scared, I’ve already gone hungry so I’ve got some food aggression and I haven’t yet figured out that I don’t have to poo where I sleep.

Bad puppy, you say? Not my fault I say! But I’m confident that with the right family I can learn to become a very well adjusted, well socialized, housetrained and wonderful little guy.

I’m cute, but I’m not for a novice. I don’t wanna spend my life looking for the right home, this next one has to be my forever home.

Tyson 5

I’m Tyson 5, the almost 9 year old Pug who was living with Fluffy 2 and like him I am looking for a home.

I’m the funniest and really cutest of the two. I’m short and stocky, make all those alienish Pug noises, and when Sophie arrived I actually beat Fluffy 2 to her lap and was already kissing her face by the time he was wagging his tail trying to get her attention.

So I’m even more affectionate then Fluffy 2, even though I’m a bit less active despite my younger age, because of my breed and shape.

I’m already getting white in the face which makes me look my age, but just like Fluffy 2, don’t let that fool you as I’m very healthy and active. I also enjoy my daily walks, and can also stay alone while you’re gone to work.


Yay! I’m adopted! I’m Francis the two year old Pug who got lucky as I went into a foster home who was interested in possibly adopting me.

Since I’m such a great boy, charming and funny, after living with me for a couple of weeks they knew we could never part.

They love me, I love them and I’m such a little clown that I hope to brighten up all their days.

Luna 2

My name is Luna 2, I’m a four month old Pug Beagle mix who came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption two months ago with my sister Mona. Mona was adopted last month and my adoption was finalized tonight and I will be going home with a cone around my head as I was spayed today.

The next few days I will have to remain calm, but I can’t wait to be able to play with all my new toys that were in my adoption goody bag.


My name is Twix. I am a 9 month old Pug/Beagle mix (a little tall – but hey….), sweet as can be, very smart, obedient and friendly.

I am great with other dogs, love to play, good with cats, great with kids and just love people. I love attention, being petted, but I can be on my own to play with my toys as well. I have a thing for squeaky toys, I love those more than others!

I am good to stay alone during the day, I am fully housetrained, not a big barker as a rule, and very sweet. Still need a little work on the leah, but everything else I am very good at. I have had 3 basic courses with my first family, so not totally ignorant!


I am Nounou, one of the 2 buddies rescued with Mika 4. I was also dumped because of a move, and put on death row because they found me to be too ‘skittish’ and nervous. I am about 2 years old, and really a sweetheart.

I am nervous at first when I meet people, but I react by cowaring and looking at you with big eyes. Hardly a cause for a death sentence, so Sophie grabbed me along with Mika 4 and Prada and I am now sound and safe in a foster home.

I am living with a family who is gone all day, and I am a good boy. The odd accident here and there, but hey… I just got here a few days ago. With patience and consistency, I will adjust and do fine. There is a big deaf bulldog where I am, and at first she scared me, now I am fine with her.

I am rather on the ‘large’ side for a Chihuahua, I might be mixed with a pug. I probably weigh about 12 lbs or so.