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Tinkie Winkie

Remember that nice family who took Idefix & myself in foster care? Well they have decided to officially adopt me. Despite my anxiety, they just couldn’t resist my good looks, charming personality and simply fell in love.

I have finally found a home where I will have all the love I want, tasty meals, lots of toys and most of all any veterinary care that I may require throughout my life.


I have been named Simona. I was found running in the middle of a busy street at rush hour, and I looked a mess. If you look at my picture, it gives you an idea of what I looked like. The other pictures are me now! Can’t wait till the hair grows back nice and shiny.

I am about 10 years old, have some cataracts in both eyes, and my teeth all had to be removed. I was not yet spayed, my nails were curled around so far it’s a wonder I got as far as I got. I could barely walk as they were digging into my pads.

My hair was one big matted pile, I had to be shaved down like a rat, and pop – my ears popped up! It looks under all that messy hair, like I might have some Schnauzer and Shih-Tzu.

I am very skittish, not yet housetrained to go outside but seem to know paper training to some point, but I am very sweet and gentle. Quiet as can be, mellow, but yet playful and loving.

By the way, I am great with cats, dogs, kids as well as people. The only drawback now is I can only eat soft foods, but I was unable to eat anyway with my rotted teeth. So I don’t mind, it’s better tasting anyway!


I’m François a 3 year old Shih-tzu Bichon Frisé mix who was dumped by my mom at “grandma’s” house while she went on vacation. I guess she must of met another man as upon her return she decided I was no longer her little man. So she called grandma and basically said keep him, find him a home, do whatever he’s yours now.

They tried for a couple of months, but wanting to make sure I would find a good home they decided to ask Sophie to do so as they had heard how she has found so many wonderful homes for guys like me.

So I need a foster home and eventually of course a loving permanent home. I’m very gentle, quiet, friendly and seem to like everything and everyone. However Sophie was told that I’m an ankle biter but I haven’t done any of that since I arrived last night. But from what I hear Sophie will put her foot down and show me that it is unacceptable behavior.


I’m Coconut the big Shih-tzu mix who came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption about a month ago looking for a new home. I was quite popular and after serious screening, my potential home was found.

I went to meet them all today and I like them so much that I asked if I could spend the night. Sophie said yes and because I had not yet been neutered due to a shortage of appointments, she will pick me up tomorrow night and will return me from the chop-chop shop just in time for my new brother’s birthday. He will get his birthday gift, I will get my adoption goody bag, and what a party we’re going to have. I’m counting the nights until that celebration day.

Update: My adoption was finalized Tuesday and I arrived pulling Sophie out of the car leading the way with my goody bag.
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My name is Odie, and I am the sweeeeetest little guy! I am about 1 year old, a Chihuhua mix, probably with Jack Russel or Shih-Tsu, from looking at my body structure! I weigh about 15 lbs or so.

I love everyone. People, dogs, cats, kids, I would probably be great for therapy, as I just love to be hugged and kissed and petted.

I am good during the day, can stay alone without getting myself in trouble or messing up your house!