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Spooky 2

My name is Spooky 2 but I’m certainly not too Spooky!  I’m actually a really cute and funky looking little guy.  I’m a 4 yr old male about 15 lbs and by the looks of me, a Dachshund mixed with some terrier.  I have black spots on my tongue so for all we know, I have some Chow Chow deep down somewhere! And I have some kind of a Mohawk on my back that just grows naturally.  So I’m a little guy with big love to give and a look to make everyone smile.

My dad was placed in a home and nobody in the family could take me in, so Sophie came to the rescue. My foster home has been helping me become a less anxious pooch and things are going very well as it was a little hard at first to adjust to this new life.

With a loving stable home, structure and regular exercise….I will be a happy boy. I’m cuddly, great with kids even newborns, not a mean bone in me.  I am great with other dogs, and cats too.  What else can you ask for in the perfect mate?  I have short legs, a long body, but I can go for quite a while.  If you want to take me for nice walks on Mount Royal, I will certainly follow you!

Leo 2

A sort of Terrier mix named Leo 2, well that’s me! Not sure what I am, have long white/cream hair, have a sort of howl as a bark, short legged, long body and sweet as can be.

I am about 2 years old, male, a good dog but definitely terrier mix, so for someone with experience. I can be stubborn, protective, yet sweet, cuddly and very friendly.

I have a mysterious past, having been rescued about a year ago at the SPCA, unfortunately ended up with a wonderful family with young kids, but not enough experience to deal with my protective side, and I bit the UPS dude, so I had to find a new place.

Ideally, someone with a fairly mellow lifestyle, I wouldn’t do so good with a very busy household, one or two person home would be best. I am “high maintenance” but am very good in the bath, with the dryer, getting my nails done, etc. I am used to it and can be kept beautiful if you wish to have a long-haired dog!

Give me my chance to find that final and lasting home, I too deserve to settle down with a cozy bed, a warm home and loving family.



My name is Flossy and I arrived from Beirut in December 2009 and I was adopted almost immediately by a wonderful family with a couple of kids who renamed me Cody. I’m about five years old male and having lived in Lebanon all my life, I grew up to be a nervous dog.

Even though this new life in Montreal has been really wonderful for me, I do have some issues which still leave me very nervous around young kids and despite my new family working with me, things are not getting better and I’m not very accepting of the youngest child nor of children who come to visit. I have snapped a few times and even though I have made some progress I really would do better in a calmer environment with no young children. So I’m once again looking for that home who will truly be the right one as I am a real sweetheart.