I’m Wolfie, and my “original” name was given by my rescuers in Lebanon. I guess they thought I looked a bit like a wolf.

I’m super sweet, about 7 years old, and longing for a home that will make me their best buddy.

You see, I was chained all my life outside, and people would stop and look at me screaming when I was trying to poop. I just couldn’t, it was excruciating pain as I had a major digestion issue.

So I was seized from this horrible place and brought to a vet where I had major surgery for chronic megacolon. However, I will have to remain on gastrointestinal high fiber food plus laxatives for the rest of my life.

Now let’s talk about my future! A home with or without kids, active or mellow, home or gone during the day, all works for me. I’m very respectful of other animals as well.

I’m super easy-going, never bark, and absolutely fantastic to live with.

I could be your next best buddy, who knows?

To apply, visit http://www.sophiesdogadoption.com/application-forms/adoption-form/

and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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