They call me Yo – I’m a young mix, probably a Boxer / German Shepherd. I was found as a young teen, almost a year ago now, abandoned in a dog park with a note saying “I’m searching for a family”. I’m probably a little under 2  years old and I’m full of energy but a good boy. We have worked on my education (as I was totally uneducated when I arrived), and I have proven to be a fast learner.

I’m a little more relaxed as I mature but I do have a lot of energy. I get along with most dogs but can be selective.  Like to be the top dog, so a macho or dominant dog I don’t take to very much.  However, I love all humans. Maybe a little “brute” for kids but no aggression. Only love to give and receive.

Sophie is hoping my time is coming, as with so many dumped dogs in the City daily, rescues are so full that a plain looking dog like me often gets passed by, as is the proof since I basically went from teenager to adult in foster care.

But hey, I’m an adult now and I’m ready to move out.  Unfortunately I cannot move out on my own, so I’m looking for someone to share a home with (ideally yours as I am homeless officially) and we can spend the rest of our lives (at least mine) together being best buds. Yo – look at that face!

5 thoughts on “Yo”

  1. Yo is SUCH a WONDERFUL dog! He came to my home for the Christmas holidays and stayed around a month. He is loving and snuggly (like a giant lap dog) and there’s not a mean bone in his body. He’d even let my little shih tzu steal food out of his bowl at meal time … ha! Now, that’s called no food agression! He knows how to “play fight” gently with the little guys. He is playful and huggable and knows basic commands … Whoever ends up with him will be really lucky!

  2. Oh he’s not a plain pup at all! I think he’s absolutely gorgeous!!!! In fact, if I had the space, I’m sure that he and my GSD/Border Collie mix would be best buds. Unfortunately, I have my pup and two cats already… Renting is hard enough. I hope that this guy gets the home he deserves sooner rather than later. Thank you for not putting a deadline on his life. <3

  3. How has he not been adopted yet? This breaks my heart. I’d adopt him this instant if I wasn’t under a two pet restriction in my apartment complex.

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