I’m Brielle, Fynn’s little sister.  I’m actually the first born on that beautiful June 19, 2012, but turned out to be much smaller than my brother.  I’m not sure we have the same dad, as I look nothing like him, nor Mom.

Right now I’m very fuzzy looking, but have very soft hair.  Unlike Fynn, I am beige with the tips of my hair black.  I kind of look like a Shih-Tzu but we’ll see as I get older.

I’m a girl, and very girly.  Not at all like Fynn who’s feisty and tough in his play, I am mellow, sweet and loving.  I want to hug and kiss as much as you’ll let me. I love to play with my brother and the foster surrogate dads, but I also like to just cuddle.

I am not as assertive as my brother, I am delicate and get surprised easily.  We are definitely very different.  I should be a very submissive little girl as I get older, I would be great with a family who has kids. Other pets would be fun too. Whoever decides to adopt me will certainly be a lucky person or family.

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