My name is Charlemagne and I’m a wonderful two year old mutt. The guess would be westie mix but it’s really just a guess. What I can tell you about me is that I love kids, love dogs, have no issues with cats, not barky, and just all around loving. My foster home describes be as flawless. I would adapt to pretty much any kind of new environment or home. I weight around 20lbs, I’m non shedding and I could enjoy an active life or a mellow one, you pick me and I’ll adapt to your lifestyle. All I want is to love and be loved. Doesn’t my cute face make you melt?

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  1. Charlie as he is used to be called, is a Shih tzu-West highlander terrier (Westie), was born June 3, 2011, and is a cuddly and playful; yet well behaved dog. He is used to being around other dogs and cats, and adores children. Due to illness, I his former owner am unable to care for him. To whomever wishes to adopt this beautiful dog, I say this…you shall have a loyal companion forever.

  2. hello ,everyone .I am his new mum. I still call him Charlie as he is used .He is doing very well at home and also outside .Everyone in the neighborhood likes him .
    So far ,he is able to understand a few commands such as “hand ,go , up ,sit, wait ,lie down,jump”. He is a smart boy.
    Last week ,I asked a groomer to come to cut his hair ,now his appearance has changed a lot .
    He had a kind of allergies after he arrived at our home ,we went to the Vet ,they even did not have any clues . Now he is better probably because I changed his diet.

    I am feeding him with high quality dog food, but recently , I have fed him a few times chicken and beef , he is really enjoying the real meat!

    He is happy , strong and beloved for ever.

    1. Hello to you Ling, so happy to hear my little guy is doing well. Charlie loves chicken and beef; he would get that once a week. Try mixing some pasta or rice, and give him a boiled egg once in a while. He loves it; his skin allergy is normal, call me at (438) 495-3803…would love to give you his baby photos and any referal to his former veternarian.

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