Henry II

I am Henry II, and I am very majestic looking. I am a 2 year old Pekingese with the attitude of a King! You see, I am beautiful and as a puppy, everything I did was cute and I soon learned to rule my Kingdom.

Now my family has a baby, and that baby crawling into my space makes me very uncomfortable and grouchy. I have been known to protect my castle by barking, nipping and basically refusing entry to anyone not from my Kingdom and that has made my family very nervous that I will some day bite their new little prince.

I have been at Sophie’s and am learning to be challenged and boy, does one need patience. You back down and I win, that’s how I always got my way before. It seems that life is in the past and I’m looking for a new life as an average, well-behaved canine citizen. No more acting like Royalty, and you know what, it ain’t so bad after all.

So if you’re single or a couple, very structured and disciplined, patient and willing to work with me, I will make the best friend ever. Once I take my armor off, I am a real charmer. Cuddly, affectionate, loving and just a joy to have around. One thing you have to realize though, is that to look this good you have to groom me regularly. I am hoping to keep my beautiful, long coat as it’s part of my charm!

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