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RumbySophie’s Dog Adoption (82837 1419 RR0001) and Wicca’s K9 Justice Foundation has agreed to help with the Rumby case (MTLEV1300290140).

Under the current by-law, a dog can be sentenced to death at the discretion of a City or borough official if the official deems the dog to be a danger to public safety or if the dog has bitten and caused a skin laceration requiring stitches. The by-law does not require the official to consult a qualified dog behavior expert, nor to assess the context of the incident, nor to consider other viable alternatives that would satisfy public safety concerns (such as mandatory muzzling) before ordering a dog’s death.

In Wicca’s case, the City refused to consider expert evidence from a certified veterinary behaviorist who had assessed Wicca and had written a report regarding her behavior and temperament.

In Tyson’s case, the Judge concluded, that the Tribunal should underline that the case isn’t about if the dog is a danger to the public. That decision would be up to the municipal authorities. All tough before issuing such order, the City does need to respect the fundamental rules found in the Civil and Penal Code of Procedures, which wasn’t done in this present case.

donation-meter-500 Sophie’s Dog Adoption has agreed to assist Rumby’s family in fighting this case by providing them with every resource available at our disposal. The City of Montreal keeps ignoring the citizen’s right to the fundamental rules of law.

The Court fees to fight this case will be around $400 to file the motion and to serve the city by bailif. The lawyer fees will be around $450 for the first day of court, if the Judge allows the case to go on to trial we will then be looking at $3600 in lawyer fees for an estimated 3 day trial.

The evaluation fees will be around $300, with an additional $150 to $300 for the experts presence in court if it’s needed. We also expect the city will be running us around with the intent to drain our resources as they did last summer with Wicca’s case.

Sophie’s Dog Adoption has agreed to help Rumby’s family raise $5,000 dollars for it’s legal fund. As a charitable organisation Sophie’s Dog Adoption will be issuing tax receipts for every dollar donated in effort to save Rumby’s life. Sophie’s Dog Adoption registration number is 82837 1419 RR0001

Total collected: $ 1,082.00

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  1. Il serait temps d’évoluer et changer vos lois. Les animaux ne sont pas des objets mais des être vivants qui sont sur la terre au même titre que les Humains. Enfin… ce qui’il en reste…….

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